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affenpinscher, dog

affenpinscher, dog

This is CC. She is currently looking for a forever home! She has the cutest mannerisms. For instance, when she sits with you and would like a tummy rub, she first paws at your like a cat with one paw, then the other, then with both. She is still a puppy, at under a year. If you'd like to offer your home to a dog like CC, check out the pages of to see more affenpinscher pictures to offer hope, help or a home to a dog near you. Or to inquire about CC herself, contact the good people at Fluffy dog Rescue

affenpinscher, dog

affenpinscher, dog

affenpinscher, dog

affenpinscher, dog

Champuli Pakna (chum-puh-lee pock-nah)
Choctaw for honey face
Lives with his Momma in Missouri

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