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Some of the pictures below feature adoptable dogs... and some of their stories are very graphic. If you're looking to make a Cocker Spaniel part of your life, learn all the reasons why adoption could be the best choice for you.

A special word of thanks to Terri at for sharing her Cocker Spaniel pictures and especially for the work she does in rescue. If a Cocker Spaniel is on your wish list, please consider adoption.

cocker spaniel, rescue, adoptable
My name is Abby - I am a rescue girl. I need a loving forever home and I may still be available for adoption, but as beautiful as I am, I may not be available for long.

The vet estimates me to be about 4 years old. I am a poster girl for why you should never buy a puppy from a pet store or from an irresponsible breeder. The puppy mill people who used to own me made me have lots of litters of puppies -- I lived in a small cage with a cement floor (my back end has no hair, from sitting on cement, but it's growing back)....I lived in my own filth, after several baths I still smell a bit like urine -- but, it's going away. The "bad" people had me de-barked, so I'm very quiet now. I didn't get much to eat, and I'm very, very thin. My foster mom is giving me many small meals a day, and I think I'm starting to gain some weight -- hopefully, one day soon my spine, hips and ribs will no longer stick out. When the puppy mill people were done having me make puppies for them, they abandoned me far from home. My coat was so matted and dirty, I was full of fleas, my eyes and ears were infected.....but, you know what? I still love people -- no matter how they have treated me, or neglected me -- that's okay. My foster mom is now feeding me plenty of nutritious food, is treating my eye and ear infections -- and tells me that life will only get better from here! I'm so happy about that, I can hardly stand it!! I get along good with other dogs (don't know about kids or cats), ride well in the car, am learning about a leash, I am crate trained (DUH!), and microchipped.

UPDATE: Abby has been ADOPTED!!!

cocker spaniel, rescue, adoptable
Hi! I'm Goldie! My exact age isn't known, but am estimated to be around 7 years old. I'm very polite, and like just hanging out with my people. I sleep in my crate at night, and don't mind being there other times, as well. I might be a little hard of hearing, or maybe it's just what they call "selective". I need a loving forever home and I may still be available for adoption!Click on my picture for helpful links, to learn more about me and to see more Cocker Spaniel pictures.

cocker spaniel, rescue, adoptable
My name is Antone and I am a 2 year old Cocker Spaniel. I am up to date with all my shots and weigh only 24 lbs. I am very playful, lots of fun and a loving little dog. I am very handsome, have a super soft coat on me and am so excited to find my forever loving home. I would like to go to a fun doggy school and learn more commands, tricks and all. I get along great with other dogs, cats and people of all ages, too. I need a fenced-in yard as I love to run and play. I'm neutered. I need a loving forever home and I may still be available for adoption!

cocker spaniel, rescue, adoptable
Oliver is a very handsome, playful 3 year old cocker spaniel. He's neutered, microchipped, and up to date on his vaccinations. He likes kids, is okay with cats, and is house trained -- you'll know when he wants to go outside, when he goes to the door, barks and dances in circles. Oliver is in need of a loving forever home and may still be available for adoption. He is looking to be the top dog in a one dog home, where he can cuddle up on the couch with his human(s).

cocker spaniel, rescue, adoptable
Hi! My name is Cocco, I'm 1-1/2 or 2 years old and neutered. I'm smart, and really, really fun! I get along really well with other dogs and kids. I'm epileptic, and take a pill twice a day to prevent my seizures -- they cost less than $10 per month. I need a loving forever home and I may still be available for adoption

cocker spaniel, rescue, adoptable
Fanny is about 4 years old, spayed, and up to date on her vaccinations. She LOVES to chase her raquetball, go for car rides, and snuggle on the couch. She's house trained and crate trained, and would love to be queen of her own castle. Fanny may still be Available for adoption! Click on my picture for helpful links, to learn more about me and to see more Cocker Spaniel pictures.
UPDATE: Fanny has been ADOPTED!!!


If you're interested in helping to further the cause of Cocker Spaniel Rescue, they are always in need of foster parents. Also, donations are always needed and put to great use.

More Cocker Spaniel pictures are coming soon so be sure to stop back often. Don't forget to contact us for submission instructions if you'd like to see your own Cocker Spaniel pictures within these pages.

Learn all there is to know about Cocker Spaniels by checking out our Breed information page and see more Cocker Spaniel pictures here. We can help you decide if this is the breed that will fit in well with your family and your lifestyle.

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