Make Your Own Dog Bed

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Step 3:

keeping both blankets together, cut the oval (or your own shape) through both blankets until the entire piece is cut out. Do not discard the scrap pieces. *Note: If you've folded the blanket to cut out your own desired shape, unfold it before moving on to step 4.

Step 4:

Measure about 4 inches in on the edges of the blanket/fabric. Cut 4" long strips around the entire outside edge of your fabric. You can just "eyeball" the four inches after measuring the first cut.

Cut the strips about 1 to 1-1/2 inches in thickness.

Be sure to cut through both blankets as you're cutting the strips.

Step 5:

Once the strips have been cut around the entire oval, grab one strip from the top blanket and tie it together tightly in a a double-knot with the corresponding strip from the bottom blanket.

Continue this process with the next set of strips until all the strips have been knotted together, with the exception of about the last 10 strips. See the photo below as an example.

Step 6:

This opening is where you will begin placing your stuffing.

If you happen to have an old dog bed that needed replacing anyway, you could use that stuffing for this bed. But if not, you can use nearly anything else as stuffing, starting with the left-over (and shredded) pieces of blanket that you just cut your oval from.

Old clothing can be shredded and used as stuffing. In addition, you can use stuffing from old pillows, egg crates, bean bags, shredded pieces of other old blankets, etc.

I used an old memory foam mattress topper in mine... worked perfectly! Super comfortable! I cut it in various sized pieces and it was like my little best friend had her very own MyPillow!

heated water bottle for dog bed

Heated Dog Bed If your dogs get cold sleeping in their own bed at night, like my little hairless dogs did, you could consider a rubber hot water bottle... one like grandma use to use.

Put warm water in it before bed at night.

Perfectly safe and everyone sleeps soundly, and warmly. They even make cute cover for these nowadays :)

Personalize your dog's bed!

There are a lot of fun appliques you can add to the fabric before putting your bed together! We've included a lot of fun letters and cute designs you can add to your dog bed!

Step 7: Once you've added all of your stuffing and arranged it inside the bed in a uniform manner, finish tying the rest of the strips together in the same double-knot fashion until finished.

Step 8:

Lay it at your feet to make a nice resting spot for your eternally grateful, nap-loving best friend!

Step 9:

Move it to the far corner of the room when the snoring begins!

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