Training Dogs To Play Dead

Here are the basic rules before you get started.
Training dogs to play dead is simple, but good training techniques are important and will keep the lessons fun for both you and your dog. Training dogs to play dead or any trick at all is a great way to bond with your four legged friend... but only if you're following these methods exactly.

Limit training to around 20 minutes per session.

Be patient.

Use a friendly tone.

Remember that all dogs learn at difference paces.

Offer lots of praise and treats.

Keep it fun and positive!

Never, Never use harsh tones or resort to punishment of any sort.

Let's Get Started!

Training Dogs to Play Dead

This is a cool pet trick that I've been training dogs for years. It's so comical to watch your dog go down instantly when you give the "bang" command. Remember to keep it fun and be as enthusastic as possible when praising him.

Voice Command: "Bang"

Hand Gesture:

Step #1: Kneel or stand one or two feet away from your dog. Get his attention by holding a treat. Say "bang" and point your finger in his direction simultaneously.

Step #2: Encourage your dog to lay down by holding the treat low to the ground. Repeat the voice command several times as he's going down and gently encourage him onto his side.

Step #3: Say "good bang" enthusiastically when he's all the way down on his side. Keep praising him enthusiastically and offer him part of the treat.

When he's up again, repeat step #1 and give him a few seconds to respond. Repeat the voice command 3 times or so, giving him a few seconds to respond each time.

Repeat steps two and three.

Your dog should go down a little easier each time... Eventually going down without your encouragement at all.

Train Your Dog to be a Hollywood Star!
...or just to act like one!

A dog of any age, from puppy to adulthood is much happier when he or she is well trained.

I know from years of experience that owners are happier when their dogs are trained well... Not just trained to do silly parlor tricks like playing dead, but trained to follow other rules... Rules like, don't jump on house guests and don't potty on the floor.

Trust me, a well-trained dog is a happy dog too!

And there isn't any lesson more important that house breaking. If you'd like to learn the proper method for house training, crate training and several other really cool dog tricks, we encourage you to look into Dove Cresswell's methods.

Dove is a professional Hollywood dog trainer and her methods work fast! Her puppy and dog training tutorial is so well taught and it's worked so well for us and others we've referred it to, that we decided it was best to pass the link on directly...

Because of the extreme importance of training the right way the first time, we've included the link to the best source available... and don't worry, it's not an ebook!

You won't have to read hundreds of pages or print them out to start learning immediately.

You will actually see and hear the correct way of training your dog (with no shipping and handling charges involved) directly from a leading certified dog trainer.

Training dogs to play dead is fun, but the real fun begins when your dog is well-behaved and, honestly, it's never been easier.

The tutorial includes:

  • House Training
  • Good Puppy & Dog Manners
  • Crate Training
  • Walking Politely on a Leash: The Informal Heel
  • The Recall
  • Obedience
  • Plus her methods for teaching fun tricks!

    Training dogs to play dead is just puppy play. Now check out Dove's methods for the really good stuff!


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