Do You Love Small Breed Dogs As Much As I Do?

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Welcome to My Passion Project!

I'm Brooke and my passion for art and dogs led me to create this online home for small dog information and inspiration!

Through the years, I've collected all kinds of valuable info through interviews with rescue groups, conversations with breed enthusiasts, and time spent with show dog hobbyists, dog-loving friends, clients and breeders, and I still somehow found time to paint...

So, I hope you'll enjoy spending time here! Making dog lovers sm:)e is what it's all about. And nothing would make me happier or make me smile more than ending the suffering of our four-legged friends in puppy mills, so I hope you'll join me in making this happen.

Fun with Small Breed Dogs

hypoallergenic dog wearing mask

Looking for a Hypoallergenic Dog

This is Muffin, (Zoe in the background) introducing allergy sufferers to ways they can still rescue a loving 4-legged friend. Muffin and Zoe are non-shedding dogs, both committed to making sure you don't sneeze while you're here! (Muffin isn’t really wearing a mask. It’s photoshop :)

Chihuahua dog art

Looking for Seasonal art you can display outside or great personalized dog gifts for friends and family, like the flag above?

All of the artwork featured on this site is my own creation. All of the information you'll find on this site is free... and guess what, the shipping is, too!

This is me with my rescue dog, Joy, a mini Australian Shepherd. Joy knows the importance of being well trained... Well, most of the time. In the interest of full disclosure, she does occasionally use her cuteness to get away with things. 

Still, these invaluable dog training tips are among the most important when it comes to the relationship you share with your dog. Happy owner = Happy dog. ♥

maltese rescue dogs with forever family

Oh, look! A dog! You know that feeling ♥

So, welcome to my home, fellow dog lovers. Come in. Stay a while. Enjoy! Take a moment to browse my small dog-themed creations. I'm PAWSitive that
it will give you a glimpse into why I love these tiny fur babies so much!

You can also learn more about me, my art, the mission of this site and Rescue Dogs Are Better here.

Small Breed Dogs- And The Best One For You

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The 44 most popular small dog breeds! Looking for the healthiest small dog breeds? The best small dogs for kids and small homes? How about some cool dog art? We have that, too!
Non Shedding Dogs
Non shedding dogs may be the ideal choice for those with dog allergies. Or are they? We'll help you choose the one that's best FUR you! Hypoallergenic? Maybe...
Small Hypoallergenic Dogs, The Solution For Allergy Sufferers?
Small hypoallergenic dogs, not as impossible as you might think. These non shedding dog breeds, hairless breeds and cross breeds may be the solution you're looking for.
The 21 Best Small Emotional Support Dogs
Have anxiety? Keep calm and pet one of the 21 best small emotional support dogs listed here. Can emotional support dogs fly free? Do dog owners live longer? Find out here.
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Calm, easy going dogs make the best small dogs for seniors. Almost any adult dog from the breeds here and even some puppies make great companions for seniors.
Small Dog Blog
Every article in our Small dog blog is dedicated to the mission of bringing awareness to the plight of small breed dogs everywhere and to educating owners about these lovable canines.
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Perfect, fun, unique female dog names! Looking for a REAL list of cool dog names to find the one just right for your new puppy? Here are the best choices
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With our huge list including foreign and unique girl and boy dog names to choose from, all the tools you need to find the perfect male dog names are just a click away!
Pet Photo Submission
When you submit your pet photo you are helping us to further our mission of helping shelter and rescue dogs find forever homes! All appropriate pictures of small breed dogs will be accepted, any breed or mixed breed. Thank you so much for your pet photo submission!
Contact Us
Have a question about a small breed dog that you can't find on our site? We'd love to hear from you. Contact Us if there's something you'd like to see added to our site.
No Bake Dog Treat Recipe That Will Keep Them Begging! Healthy and Easy
This easy no bake dog treat recipe is a huge hit with ALL dogs! It's made with all healthy ingredients, human grade, gluten free and very inexpensive to make!
Gifts For Dogs
The best gifts for dogs for birthdays, Christmas or any time of year! The best treats for small dogs and wearable gifts too. Give your dog the gift of love.
Pet Steps and Pet Ramps
Small breed dogs, elderly dogs and puppies will need a little help when it comes to climbing. Perfect for vans, beds, couches, etc, pet steps or ramps will keep your dog from being injured in a fall.
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Spaying Dogs Young and Why it's Important
Spaying dogs while their young is not only necessary to combat the ever growing overpopulation of homeless animals, but could save and add years to the life of your beloved best friend.
Dog Neutering: Not as bad as it sounds.
Dog neutering or dog castration is not as bad as it sounds. He will not feel as though you took a sex life from him. Dogs are driven by instinct to mate, not sexual desire or the need to procreate...
What is a Puppy Mill?
What is a puppy mill? Every human should know the dark and horrid reality of breeding dogs in puppy mills. Together we can put an end to these horrible places!
Training Dogs
Training dogs has never been easier. All you need is patience and the right tools. We'll share the best dog training tips available for housebreaking and cool tricks like: playing dead, sit, and more.
Teacup Puppies and Teacup Dogs
Teacup puppies and teacup dogs. These dogs will weigh around 4 pounds or as little as only two pounds. For teacup chihuahua, teacup maltese, teacup Yorkies , stop here first
Allergies in Dogs: Symptoms and Treatment
Have you noticed incessant paw licking? Scratching or pulling out of fur? Symptoms of allergies in dogs are easy to recognize if you know what to look for.
Dog Adoption Saves lives. Your dog could be waiting
Millions of purebred and fancy hybrid dog breeds wait in shelters for rescue. Don't spend thousands of dollars on one. Dog adoption saves lives AND money!
Best Small Dogs for Kids
With proper training (for the kids) the best small dogs for kids ages 4 and older could be any one of these breeds...and waiting at a rescue group near you!
Dog Art
Looking for colorful dog art for product development or a dog painting for sale? Several breeds from Yorkshire Terriers to Border Collies are available from Canine Designs by Brooke Faulder.
Dog Garden Flags Featuring Small Breed Dogs
Dog garden flags featuring my own unique dog paintings! Double sided, high quality, “fetching” outdoor yard décor is also the perfect gift idea for pet lovers!
Brooke Faulder - Making dog lovers smile
Brooke Faulder - Specializing in art that makes dog lovers smile! For more about my mission, my garden flags, my puzzles or my brand, Rescue Dogs are Better, start here
First time dog owner's guide
This first time dog owner's guide includes tips on selecting a dog, fun ways of bonding with your new pet, preparing your home for a puppy or rescue dog and more

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