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Our Small Dog Blog is dedicated to the mission of educting future owners about the plight of small breed dogs. We'll also keep you up to date with the latest information about our favorite four-legged friends.

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Bailey’s a rare, exotic colored 10lb frenchie. She’s full grown, tiny, beautiful and very well trained, according to her mommy!

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Sophie Elaine Smith

Sophie was given to me by a former land lady, she already had 2 Bichon Freise and Sophie was a new born, I got her just before she turned 1. It was awesome,

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Chica Marie

Sleepy baby

Chica is an Affenhauhau who is very cunning and mischievous. She loves playing with her siblings who are Boxers. Awesome pet I saved from a bad situation.

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Training Dogs


Training dogs has never been easier. All you need is patience and the right tools. We'll share the best dog training tips available for housebreaking and cool tricks like: playing dead, sit, and more.

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Join Small breed in our mission to save dogs of all sizes.


Which small breed dogs are the hardest to housebreak? Which are non-shedding? We answer the questions you forgot to ask and we have some pretty cool dog art, too!

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Personalized photo garden flag


Get a personalized photo garden flag with a family portrait, child or pet! Upload the file from your smart phone or computer, receive your garden flag in just 1 week!

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Dog Garden Flags Featuring Small Breed Dogs


Dog garden flags featuring my own unique dog paintings! Double sided, high quality, “fetching” outdoor yard décor is also the perfect gift idea for pet lovers!

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Small Hypoallergenic Dogs, The Solution For Allergy Sufferers?


Small hypoallergenic dogs, not as impossible as you might think. These non shedding dog breeds, hairless breeds and cross breeds may be the solution you're looking for.

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Teacup Puppies and Teacup Dogs


Teacup puppies and teacup dogs. These dogs will weigh around 4 pounds or as little as only two pounds. For teacup chihuahua, teacup maltese, teacup Yorkies , stop here first

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Teacup Pomeranian: All teacup puppies, including pomeranians


If you're looking for a Teacup Pomeranian, stop here first. These dogs will weigh around 4 pounds or as little as only two pounds.

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