Fun, Colorful and Unique
Small Dog Garden Flags

You will not find a better quality flag to decorate your patio, landscape or flowerbed! 

Each of the small dog garden flags below feature my own original and unique artwork! Here are all the details about my easily personalized garden flags. Thanks for stopping in!

Easily personalized garden flag Painting by Brooke Faulder
  • Best quality available!
  • 12 X 18 inches
  • Weather and UV resistant- Printed with inks specially designed to withstand the elements
  • Heavy weight, high end boutique quality
  • Double-sided. Both sides are printed with same exact image!
  • As always, please consider the benefits of adopting a rescue or shelter dog if you're thinking of getting a new best friend.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

These whimsical, fun and colorful garden flags can be displayed in any season and any weather. The fabric is heavyweight and they're printed with inks specially made for outdoor use, weather and UV resistant.

These unique and trendy dog garden flags are double-sided and triple layer. The back of the flag is not a backwards or mirrored image like lesser quality flags, so words reads correctly and orientation is the same on both sides.

Ask me about personalizing and of the garden flags below!

Halloween Garden Flags - Fall Garden Flags - Thanksgiving Garden Flags!

A Yorkie on a Halloween garden flag in a witch costume. The orange and blue adds a pop of color to your outdoor space. Use this small decorative flag to add art and texture to garden or place in a planter by your front door. New take on a classic design. 

Halloween garden flag yorkshire terrier

"Happy Halloween"

A dog in a witch costume to wish your visitors a Happy Halloween!


Free Shipping

Scottish Terrier Halloween garden flag. The gold glittery edge and the purple backdrop are perfect complimentary colors to your landscape. The glitter is in print only. No real glitter is used. Original painting by me!
I can paint your dog, too!

Scottish Terrier Halloween garden flag

"Flying Lessons"

A Scottish Terrier in a witch costume to greet your guests this Halloween


Free Shipping

An English Bulldog garden flag to wish  your visitors a Happy Halloween, complete with gourds, jack-o-lantern and falling leaves. Perfect outdoor yard decor or landscape art this Halloween season. More designs like this one below for Thanksgiving, etc.

Happy Halloween garden flag with English bulldog

"Happy Halloween Bulldog”

Decorate for Halloween with this brightly colored outdoor bulldog art!


Free Shipping

Celebrate autumn with the colors of the season! What better way to do that than with superb quality outdoor yard decor. The dogs riding in the bed of the truck and the moose add character to the scene while the colors of the landscape steal the show in this great dane garden flag.

Fall Garden Flag

"Moose Crossing"

12" X 18"


Free Shipping

This Thanksgiving garden flag is bright and cheery and colorful with all the sprinklings of autumn and Thanksgiving. Add in an adorable English Bulldog with falling oak leaves, Indian corn and a colorful autumn sunset to complete the scene in this decorative Fall garden flag.

Happy Thanksgiving garden flag

"Happy Thanksgiving Bulldog"

12 x 18

Free Shipping

Nothing says cute quite like a chocolate lab wearing sunglasses, unless it's a chocolate lab garden flag. The multi color leaves make this a perfect fall garen flag for labrador lovers. Have it personalized, like in the example below. The bottom of this page has information on how to personalize.

chocolate lab garden flag can be personalized

Labrador L'Amour

12 x 18 inches


Free Shipping

Bright colorful truck garden flag features a truck bed full of goodies picked up from the country store. A little white poodle and small brown poodle find wonder with the fall decorations picked up from the store. With a "thankful" and "Welcome Fall" message it's great for Thanksgiving. The pumpkins, mums and dahlias make it great for display all autumn long!

Truck garden flag autumn

"Finally Fall"

Small poodle garden flag with corn stalk bundles, a crate of gala apples and of course a rusty truck bed, decorated to perfection. Perfect outdoor patio decor or landscape art this fall. All dog garden flags are 12x18". $19.99 - Free Shipping

Unique garden flags make your outdoor fall decorations complete! This little black pug autumn garden flag is complete with jack-o-lantern scarecrow, colorful gourds, crows, indian corn and falling oak leaves against an autumn sunrise. A great dog lover gift idea and a great way to add to your outdoor areas! I also make personalized garden flags

pug painting garden flag

"Autumn Sunset Pug"

12 x 18 inches

Display all season!

Ask me about adding "Welcome Fall" or "Happy Thanksgiving"  FREE! Rescue dogs are better, all one word, @gmail dot com! $19.99

Bring a smile to your guests and add color and texture to your garden with this fun and decorative seasonal garden flag! This cute bulldog flag will add art and charm to your garden, patio or landscaping. All dog garden flags on this site are superior quality and  created using my own original artwork. Learn more by clicking the picture link.

English Bulldog garden flag

"Autumn Sunset Bulldog"

English Bulldog garden flag

Catch the last few oak leaves as they're falling this autumn, then display this flag which still holds a few!

$19.99 - Free Shipping

Personalized Pet Garden Flags!

Most of the pet garden flags on this page can be customized with a name, etc!

Most of the Pet art garden flags can be personalized! There are several examples of personalized flags below. More information on how to personalize can be found near the bottom of this page. 

Welcome your guests this this Fall with warm wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving. A cute original painting adds art and charm and the flag itself adds lots of color and texture in this Scottish Terrier garden flag. Original artwork-direct from artist.

garden flag thanksgiving Scottie personalized

Personalized Garden Flag

Happy Thanksgiving Scottie

Easily customize this flag

for only $5 more!


Welcome your visitors with an adorable shih tzu and this Happy Fall garden flag complete with all the trending colors of the season! This shih tzu garden flag is a best seller!  See the top of this page for the actual image of this bright and colorful unique garden flag.

Shih tzu art garden flag

"Eat, Drink and be Scary"

Shih Tzu  "Happy Fall" garden flag

This flag can also be personalized!



This german shepherd garden flag started out as an oil painting. In fact, most of my garden flags started out as a dog painting. This Welcome flag is shown personalized, as an example. Personalizing is only $5.00 extra for a limited time!

German Shepherd art garden flag


German Shepherd Fall Garden Flag

Personalize it (info at bottom of page) as shown in the example.


Free Shipping

Personalized Garden Flags -  The Perfect Dog Lover Gift!
Make it a child's photo or a family photo garden flag for the same price!

Care to take your personalzied garden flag to a whole new level? I can use your own photo to make your garden flag instead!

Just as in the example, the argyle autumn themed background would remain and your photo would be placed inside the frame with the stars, leaves and painted pumkins!

Personalized garden flag

What a great gift idea this would be for:

  • Grandparent
  • Friend

Make it your own individualized, personalized, customized flag with a

  • family portrait
  • Pet Portrait
  • Child's Portrait
  • Any picture from your facebook timeline or camera roll!

These flags are superior quality to anything you'll find in department stores. They are made of heavy weight fabric that will stand the test of time against any flag you've ever seen before.

Imagine having your family photo on a garden flag... or giving one as a gift to a grandparent! A customized, personalized garden flag with your own photo (or a friend's photo if this would be a gift) would be a HIT!




Click here for more information

Happy Fall Garden Flag

All the trendy colors of the season intertwine on this cute west highland terrier garden flag. Like all of the decorative flags on this site, this Westie flag was created by me using my own original dog artwork!

Westie painting garden flag

Happy Fall- garden flag with Westie

Garden flags add extra texture to give your curb EVEN MORE appeal!



Hello Fall Garden Art Flag

Eat drink and be Scary like the Yorkie on this super cute Fall garden flag. Small flags like this one can be changed seasonally to add color and art to your garden. Greet your visitors with fun outdoor art!

Fall garden flag

Hello Fall- garden flag with Yorkshire Terrier

Garden flags add extra texture to give your curb EVEN MORE appeal!



Black lab, Yellow lab and Chocolate lab puppies each find a different autumn activity to enjoy on their picnic. Falling leaves in orange, red and gold will make this outdoor yard decor stand out against any outdoor location.

Lab puppies garden art

First Fall Garden Flag w/ Labs, yellow black, choc!

with Labrador Retriever puppies to add art, fun, practicality and interest.


Free Shipping

A Biewer Terrier peers over a colorful rock wall in this 12x18" garden flag. Every flags features an image from my own original artwork, just as this one does. Interested in a pet portrait painting? See more here.

biewer terrier painting

New Discoveries

Autumn Garden Flag

Another take on my very popular fall garden flag with my painting of dogs. Westies and Scotties gather under the dwindling shade of a tree as the last of the fall leaves barely cover the branches. 12" x 18"

painting of dogs

Autumn Blessings

Autumn garden flag with Scotties and Westies

Colorful Fall Garden Flag with 4 West Highland Terriers. The adult Westies and Westie puppies enjoy an early autumn picnic as they bird watch. A tree carving says, "I Woof You". A great dog lover gift for autumn!

Westie art

Autumn Comes Early

Original painting by Brooke Faulder

A stuffed turkey in a pilgrim outfit sits alongside a Yorkie in a flannel scarf. Looks like a chilly autumn sunset as a crow caws in the distance and the oak leaves fall from the tree above in this original artwork by me, Brooke Faulder. Now available as a Thanksgiving garden flag for you!

Thanksgiving garden flag

"Autumn Sunset Yorkie"

Yorkshire Terrier flag


Free Shipping

Just before Twilight when the sky is still blue but you can see the moon waiting to offer you a subtle glow, that's a great time to light the jacko-lantern and grab a cup of cocoa. This simple, but oh-so-sweet garden flag is one of my best sellers and the quality of my flags has never disappointed!

Autumn Yorkie outdoor decor with fallen leaves, pumpkin and full moon in twilight sky.

Yorkshire Terrier

"Before Twilight"


Free Shipping

Cute Border Collie art on a garden flag.

Great for any season, but especially fall. Country theme with orange tree and old Barn along with sheep and ducks. A border collie puppy has fallen asleep, only to have terrible dreams of the sheep jumping the fence!

border collie and puppy guard sheep old barn

"Counting Sheep"

Border Collie garden flag

with border collie puppy- garden, flower bed, landscaping- outdoor yard art decor

Cute West Highland Terrier art on a garden flag.

Spilled apples, a scarecrow, pumpkins, cornfield and a dog in a bumblebee costume. What a cute way to decorate your landscape for the fall!

Westie wears Halloween bee costume with apples, cornfield, scarecrow

"Country Westie"

Colorful flag for Autumn


Free Shipping

A cute West highland terrier puppy sits with a jack-o-lantern as a full moon rises in the twilight sky.

All of my dog garden flags are made using my own original dog paintings.

Westie puppy for flowerbed display in autumn beside carved pumpkin and fallen leaves

"Westie Before Twilight"

West Highland White Terrier


Free Shipping

The Biewer terrier garden flag, also called parti Yorkie, but no matter what you call it, this little dog made an adorable garden flag as well as a book cover. Looking for a dog artist for an oil painting of your pet? Ask me☺

Biewer Terrier dog painting

"Tiki, A Wonderful Dog"

Parti Yorkie

12x18" garden flag


Fright Light Yorkie

A Yorkie next to a ghost solar light with full moon and an owl in a tree in the background of this spooky looking flag. Main colors are orange, purple and green. Wish your visitors a Happy Halloween with your favorite breed!

Happy Halloween Garden flag

"Fright Light Yorkie"

Halloween banner


Free Shipping

Faux Fur-Ever!

Great flag for vegans or anyone who loves these adorable little dogs.

5 Chihuahuas including puppies, rest on a faux leather chair with soft faux fur blankets in front of a cozy looking fire.

5 chihuahuas on chair with faux fur and printed accessories

"Faux Fur-Ever"

Chihuahua Flag


Free Shipping

Sunflower Garden Flag

A cute little Parti Yorkie face peaks through the bright yellow and glittery sunflower petals to greet your guests with a "Hello Sunshine" message. The glitter is in print form only. No real glitter is used. The Biewer Terrier in the center is an original painting by me of an adorable dog named Tiki. Sunflower flag is perfect all year, but especially summer thru fall!

"Hello Sunshine - Biewer"
12" x 18"
Double-sided Garden flag


Free Shipping

Sunflower Garden Flag

This adorable dog art / Sunflower garden flag is perfect a flower bed or in a planter by your front door! From the end of summer all the way through Halloween, this great yard art can greet your friends and neighbors with vibrant and colorful outdoor decor during the most popular seasons to decorate for! Honey bee and butterfly clip art add even more cuteness!

"Hello Sunshine - Westie"
12" x 18"
Double-sided Garden flag


Free Shipping

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Outdoor Yard Decor just got a whole lot cuter with this Shih Tzu St. Patrick's Day garden flag! A cute and happy looking shih tzu to wish your visitors a Happy Saint Patty's Day! The bright green and gold is the perfect color to add art and charm to your curb appeal and to your St. Patricks Day outdoor decorations. Glitter is in print form only (never real, unless noted).

"Hello Sunshine - Westie"
12" x 18"
Double-sided Garden flag


Free Shipping

Christmas Paintings
Dog Garden Flags

Perfect Outdoor Dog Art For Christmastime!

Merry Christmas garden flag

2 Yorkies against a glittery background that reads, "Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year". One Yorkie wears antlers. No real glitter is used. Glitter is only in print only. Merry Christmas!!

Yorkshire terrier Christmas garden flag

"The Most Wonderful Christmas Flag"

A magical way to adorn any landscape at Christmas time! 2 Yorkies can welcome your guests, wish them a Merry Christmas, decorate your doorstep or add Christmas charm to your landscaping.

$19.99 - Free Shipping

An adorable little Yorkie looks ready for Santa in his Christmas shirt and bow as he stands in front of a fireplace and Christmas tree on this cute holiday garden flag. He seems delighted to offer Santa Christmas cookies and milk as he holds his candy cane.

"Christmas Cookies for Santa"

Yorkie Christmas garden flag

Click on the image or the link above to learn more about this Christmas garden flag.


Free Shipping

Puppies and Santa 12x18" Yorkshire Terrier Garden Flag. Two puppies sneak up on Santa and watch as he unloads he sack of toys and bones.

Original painting by me, Brooke Faulder. This painting is also available as a fine art print.

Yorkie pups watch Santa unload his bag Christmas art

Sneaking Up On Santa

small flag with Yorkie puppies. Garden flags make great gifts for yourself or friends! Scroll below to learn how to personalize.


Free Shipping

Christmas Garden Flag

Deck the halls, but don't forget to deck the outdoors, too! This festive decor for the outdoors is adorned with the colors of the season and a couple of cute dogs. Two Yorkies on this garden flag, one watches the train, the other takes a closer look at the special ornaments.

Christmas Yorkies on bright red chair. One dog watches as the train goes around the tree and the other looks at the ornaments

"Mom's Christmas Miniatures"

Yorkshire Terrier Christmas garden flag


Free Shipping

This Coastal garden flag has a Christmas theme... Or this Christmas garden flag has a coastal theme... you decide! A sandman wearing a Santa hat definitely scream Christmas vacation while the palm trees and blue water make you wish you were somewhere tropical for the holidays! I know I always do!

Dogs on beach vacation with Christmas sandman and palm tree

"Christmas Vacation"

Yorkies with Sandman and red crabs on the beach on Holiday.


Free Shipping

A Christmas snow globe has caught the attention of a curious puppy on this Golden Retriever garden flag to add a little wonderment to your landscape.

The complimentary gold and purple colors will stand out nicely against any winter landscape on this easily personalized garden flag.

Golden retriever puppy and Christmas snow globe

"Gazing in Wonderment" Golden Retriever puppy

Christmas flag


Free Shipping

There's more to do in the winter than decorate for Christmas and this garden flag proves it! Although you can still use it for decoration ☺ Take a note from the 3 dogs and find a hill this winter for a little downhill snow skiing. These dogs were painted on commission. I can paint your dog, too!

3 yorkies downhill skiing amongst snowman and pine trees

3 Yorkies skiing

"Winter Wonderland"

Christmas / Winter flag


Free Shipping

The Scrooge has found his spot and it could be right by your front door. This adorable bulldog garden flag is perfect whether you own a bulldog or not. A little good-natured fun because everyone knows you love the holiday season ♥ Perfect Christmas gift for your favorite dog lover, too!

English bulldog painting

Bah Humbug Bulldog Garden Flag

Original artwork

12 x 18


Free Shipping

Take a closer look at this poodle garden flag and you'll see what all the fuss is about... or at least what has this little white poodle captivated on this miniature tabletop Christmas tree. It's a poodle Christmas ornament! The Christmas train and miniatures add extra Christmas delight.

Christmas painting garden flag

Mom's Christmas Miniatures

Poodle Garden Flag

Original oil painting by me


Free Shipping

An adorable Yorkshire Terrier hopes to catch snowflakes on this garden flag made from my own original Yorkshire Terrier painting. The aqua colored background is a popular color for Christmas and compliments the santa hat and Christmas wreath nicely on this original art garden flag.

Yorkie painting garden flag

Catching Snowflakes

Yorkshire Terrier with Santa hat, garland and Christmas wreath against aqua blue background.


Free Shipping

I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas... you know the words. Sing along and have your visitors singing, too when they see this cute chihuahua garden flag.

Outdoor yard decor just got more adorable with this Feliz Navidad garden flag!

Chihuahua painting

Feliz Navidad Fawn colored Chihuahua Christmas garden flag featuring my own original painting of a Chihuahua.


Free Shipping

Just a moose taking a stroll. He might be dragging a string of  lights and he may have gotten a bow stuck in his antlers so a little chickadee stops to take a closer look. A bright red cardinal looks up from his perch. The moose seems to enjoy the attention on this charming Christmas garden flag.

Christmas moose

Cardinal Moose Chickadee Original bull moose painting with antlers, Cardinal and chickadee for winter decoration.


Free Shipping

Spring Garden Flags
Summer Garden Flags

Summer Garden flag

A bluebird and long-haired Chihuahua enjoying a little sunshine on the window sill flower box. The birdhouse sits among begonias and geraniums. A rustic window shutter and lace curtain add a home-y touch

"Home Tweet Home"

Chihuahua summer garden flag

For a limited time, all dog garden flags are $19.99

Free Shipping

Chinese Crested garden flag

A hairless Chinese Crested surrounded by blue and purple hydrangeas. Added to the foreground is a butterfly, ladybug and bumblebee whirligig.

All garden flags are 12 x 18"

Hairless dog

Chinese Crested-

"Julie in Hydrangeas" 

art flag


Free Shipping

God Bless the Red, White and Blue! 4th of July Garden flag with American Flag background. This patriotic garden flag features a Yorkie with a puppy cut wearing a cute bow. He looks back to wish you a Happy Independence Day! Would also make a great Memorial Day Flag!

garden sized July 4th flag with Yorkshire Terrier

"Red White and Blessed"

An adorable Yorkshire Terrier looks back to wish you a blessed 4th of July in this patriotic garden flag with patriotic dog art!


Free Shipping

This best selling dog garden is one of my first Yorkshire Terrier paintings. The little Yorkie seems to be stopping to enjoy a glimpse at the pink roses in full bloom. My dog garden flags can be changed out seasonally!

Yorkie art garden flag

"Stopping to Smell the Roses"

Yorkshire Terrier garden decor


Free Shipping

The Welcome garden flag is one in a series with several breeds. The Australian shepherd art featured on this one would be a great gift for yourself or a friend who loves this fun and energetic breed!

Australian shepherd art

Welcome Friends w/ Aussie

Australian Shepherd garden flag featuring my own original Aussie painting!


Free Shipping

A pembroke welsh Corgi / Cardigan Welsh Corgi stands forefront on this garden flag and watches a hummingbird and butterfly. The bright colors of this Welcome Flags will pop against any outdoor setting.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi painting

Welcome Friends w/ Corgi

House flags coming soon!


Free Shipping

Yorkshire Terrier beach scene dog art with boat

"Wish You Were Here"

Nautical flag


Free Shipping

Welcome flag with Yorkie and starfish. seagulls, rope and boat in background

"Wish You Were Here"

Welcome flag


Free Shipping

2 Yorkies on red sofa background

"Tiny Treasures"

Great for Valentines Day!


Free Shipping

Bichon Frise

"Yard Sale"

12x18" dog art banner


Free Shipping

gnome garden flag

To Gnome Me is to Love Me

Yorkie Flag with garden gnome


Free Shipping

Yellow kitten in violet hydrangeas.

"Kitten in Hydrangeas"



Free Shipping

Welcome Garden Flag with Affenpinscher - This dog garden flag is already summer-y with the green grass, yellow daisies and blue skies as the backdrop, but a butterfly and hummingbird were added for good measure ☺ This welcome flags is available with other breeds as well! See more below.


Affen - Wecome Garden Flag with original artwork

Ask me about having it personalized for only $5 more! $19.99

Free Shipping

A beautiful Chinese Crested garden flag. I know the breed well. This painting was inspired by my own dogs and my love for the breed. A soft pink and yellow background of cherry blossoms offers this gorgeous dog a place to shine in the foreground on this top quality pet garden flag.

Chinese Crested art

"Looking back" - Chinese Crested art garden flag

A beautiful hairless chinese crested with pink and brown skin and white furnishings stops to admire a monarch butterfly.
$19.99 - Free Shipping

A little girl reads to her sheltie on this adorable dog garden flag. I'm not sure what the story is about or maybe the dog just likes her company. This original artwork was created in oil paint for the purpose of jigsaw puzzles. It can still be found online. For outdoor art, the adorable painting sets the bar.


Shetland Sheepdog garden flag "Story Time"

A cat naps on the footrest, a bluebird and a hummingbird peek over for a closer look. Even a chipmunk comes out to listen. Colorful and unique $19.99 Free Shipping

Wildlfowers in bloom, a lighthouse beacons the ships at sea, waves crash against the rocks.  A Yorkie is along for the ride. Cute garden flag. A best seller and guaranteed hit with any dog lover!

yorkshire terrier by ocean in bicycle basket

Yorkie Art

"Morning Ride"

12 x 18


Free Shipping

Hairless Chinese Crested  Prim and Playful  12x18 dog flag for your garden. If you know this breed, you've seen one in this pose, butt in the air and ready to play. The other Chinese Crested in more prim.

Hairless Chinese Crested art garden flag

Hairless Chinese Crested

"Prim and Playful"

12x18" dog art banner


Free Shipping

Great for quilters and crafters alike, this quilting garden flag features 2 bichon frise dogs laying on a newly knitted afghan with a rag quilt throw and needlepoint pillow over the backrest of a  armchair.

Bichon garden flag

Bichons Yard Art


12x18" dog art flag


Free Shipping

This Bulldog flag for your garden or landscaping is perfect for Memorial Day or Independence Day! Or display it all year long to show your patriotic pride!  This flag is available for a variety of breeds. If you don't see your breed, ask me. I'll be happy to assist!

Bulldog art painting garden flag

Red White and Blessed

July 4th

12 x 18" Garden Flag

Great for Memorial Day, too!


Free shipping

Three Happy Campers enjoy the great outdoors in this camping themed dog garden flag! All the camping gear is provided in this flag! You pick the perfect site to display it. Great for your home or camper.

Great dog lover gift!

"Happy Campers"

Look for this design to appear on puzzles at Bits and Pieces puzzle company- summer of 2022! Many of my paintings have been licensed for use on a variety of products. Learn more about me and the mission of this site.

A West Highland white terrier with a rose bush in the background. The Westie sits on a wicker garden chair with croquet equipment and sunflower hat. This garden flag features an image from my own original painting and has sold out numerous times over the years!

summer West Highland Terrier on wicker chair

Adorable on display!

"West Highland Garden Club"

Westie wearing a hat, dog painting landscape art. Great gift for Westie lovers!


Free Shipping

A welcome flag with Chihuahua Painting - A tiny fawn chihuahua dog sits on the bright green grass with yellow and white daisies in this original artwork that makes a perfect spring or summer garden flag. A butterfly and hummingbird along with the chihuahua are here to Welcome your friends and visitors! Ask me about painting your own pet!

Spring garden flag

Welcome Friends - Chihuahua

 12" X 18" Garden Flag

small dog garden flag


Free Shipping

This Patriotic garden flag works great all year 'round. No need to wait for the 4th of the July or Memorial Day to show your patriotic pride. A God Bless America pillow along with other red white and blue details, whirligigs, roses, begonias and hydrangeas surround a cute Scottish Terrier in this USA garden flag 

summer garden flag

God Bless America

Scottish Terrier Garden Flag

Great for summer! Memorial Day through Summer, or even all Year long!

$19.99 Free Shipping

A cute spring or summer graden flag with a little Yorkie on a rain delay. His leash dangles from the poof he's decided to lay on wait for the rain to stop. Rain Streaks down the window behind him, a ponytail pom plant cascades it's foliage and a sweetheart plant spills it's pretty green leaves above the dogs in this cute small flag for your lawn or garden decoration!

Yorkie art

Bloom Where You Are Planted - garden flag

Yorkshire Terrier dog art from my own original painting! This painting will be for sale, coming soon!

$19.99 Free Shipping

Here are a couple of Salt and pepper Schnauzers who must have a crafty mama or papa!

The two dogs lay obliviously on her newly crocheted afghan and her quilting magazine. A handmade pillow and rag quilt lay over the back of the chair behind them in this cute and colorful dog art garden flag - Original painting by me! I can paint your dog, too!

Two schnauzers on

Crafy - Schnauzers

12 X 18" Coloful Schnauzer garden flag perfect for dog lovers and crafters.


Free Shipping

This adorable Yorkshire Terrier garden flag would be perfect for spring or summer.

A rain storm seems to have put a delay on an afternoon walk. A leash attached to the Yorkie dangles from the poof he's decided to lay on wait for the rain to stop. Perfect summer or spring lawn decor! Great dog lover gift, too!

dog painting garden flag

Rain Delay - garden flag

Yorkshire Terrier dog art from my own original painting! This painting will be for sale, coming soon!

$19.99 Free Shipping

Bee Happy in the garden. A few visitors, including a couple of honey bees and a butterfly stop to greet the dog on their way to polenate all the colorful flowers.

The Scottish Terrier in this garden flag seems thrilled to share in the beauty of the flower garden with his friends who happy by. You can almost smell the lavender and feel the pea gravel under your feet.

summer garden flag

Scottie and Friends - 12" X 18" Scottie painting garden flag. Original oil painting is sold, like most of the original artwork my flags are made from.

Ask me about painting your dog!

$19.99 garden flag $0 Shipping!

Two kittens on a Fishin' Mission! One kitten finds a turtle on a moss covered branch that fell in the pond and it appears another kitten has fallen off of that same branch. An opportunistic frog found a new perch, despite the fact that there seems to be more than enough lily pads floating nearby. A dragonfly, skunk and inchworm also find their place on this adorable garden flag for your pond area, front door or any area of your landscaping.

cat garden flag

Fishin' Mission Cat garden flag with 2 kittens, skunk and frog.

Brightly colored garden flag

12" x 18" decorative garden flag

19.99 Free Shipping

Most of my paintings include an animal or pet of some sort and this one is no exception. A little girl uses her allowance to buy ice cream for herself and her pets in this adorable pet painting. Payday Cones was originally painted for Bit's and Pieces puzzle company and sold well as a jigsaw puzzle! I'm now offering it as a colorful decorative garden flag for you!

Great outdoor decor for your home or business!

summer garden flag ice cream and cavalier king charles spaniel

PayDay Cones

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and child at ice cream store.

12" X18" Garden Flag

$19.99 Free Shipping

A Westie and Scottie garden flag pictorializing what dogs do best! Make us happy with their antics! Here a Westie and Scottie race to chase a tennis ball down some steps in this adorable dog garden flag!

I painted these dog on commission. This commissioned painting now lives with the new owner who also received a flag with the painting, free of charge. Learn more here.

Dog painting

Playing Ball

All garden flags are approximately 12" X 18" and feature animal paintings by me!

$19.99 Free Shipping

Cute decorative dog garden flag with bicycle and tulips.

A happy Corgi walks in the park and stops to smile near a bike for this cute garden flag, perfect for your outdoor decorating enjoyment! This original painting is for sale and will soon be listed. Contact me for more information.

Interested in seeing your dog in a painting like this one? I'm always looking for new models!

Corgi art print garden flag

A couple of corgis stand near the birdbath in the vegetable garden to watch the bright yellow finches enjoy their drink of water on this cute corgi painting garden flag.

A row of cabbages, a basket filled with tomatoes and peppers and a trellis with sunflowers help make this dog art extra bright and fun! So much to see here, even a rabbit and a purple garden shed. This is a cropped version of the jigsaw puzzle entitled Harvest Time.

corgi painting with corgi puppy

This garden flag is a cropped version of my very popular jigsaw puzzle, "Cups For Pups". If you like jigsaw puzzles, I'm sure you can still find it by googling the name of the painting.

It seems a little girl and her Yorkie are taking donations and selling lemonade for the local animal shelter. No lemonade in the world could taste as sweet as that ☺ The only thing sweeter is 25 cent kisses from the little Yorkie!

Dog Groomer Gift Garden Flag

Dog groomer gift garden flag

Rub-A-Dub Dog

Groomer Garden Flag

This original groomer painting now hangs in Bow Wow Boutique, the best dog grooming salon in Cincinnati Ohio, where my talented cousin owns her shop! Bow Wow Boutique was voted the best several years in a row! You won't find a better grooming salon and you wont find a better garden flag or more suitable gift to give to your favorite pet groomer.

A well groomed Bichon, poodle, dachshund puppy and a cat found their way onto this brightly colored garden flag that would look great on display in a planter or landscaping! A great dog groomer gift, perfect for home or business locale! 


Happy Birthday Garden Flags

Happy Birthday Garden Flag

Make it personalized!

Nothing is sweeter than a dog in party hat, except a dog in a party hat - stealing a cookie.

Happy Birthday Garden Flag

This garden flag can be personalized in many different ways. Click here to learn more!

Party Garden Flag

Cute garden flag to put out at your next get-together! "Life's a party-Make it Sweet" garden flag would also be a great gift for the person in your life who loves to bake or a great party host gift.

Birthday garden flag with Yorkshire Terrier wearing a pink party hat

"Life's a Party"

Yorkshire Terrier birthday garden flag is perfect to advertise any kind of party all!

Chicken Flags &  Down on the Farm Flags- Coming Soon!

chicken flag
farm chicken garden flag with australian shepherd puppies
australian shepherd art garden flag
pig garden flag
personalize any flag on this page with dogs name or family name or anything you wish!
Personalize any flag on this page for only $5 extra. This is an example of how it would look.

Above are two examples of ways that you can personalize your garden flag.

Here's how it works!

First purchase any flag, complete that purchase. Then come back to purchase the personalizing. During checkout of personzalizing process, there will be a note to seller box where you can tell me the names you'd like, please double check your spelling.

The name boxes will be added in a way that will not interfere with the main image.

The two flags above are examples of what personalizing will look like.


Flags stands are not included but can be found easily and inexpensively in small and large department stores, as well as online.

If you'd be more interested in art you can display indoors, Some of the original paintings used for the graphics on these flags are still available... and for sale.

If you happen to be in product development and would like information on licensing availability, I'd be happy to hear from you. :)

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  • Happy Birthday Garden Flag

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