Yorkie Pictures

Welcome to our Yorkies picture page!

Each picture was sent in by viewers to our site. If you'd like to see a picture of your own Yorkshire Terrier added to our pages, contact us for submission instructions.

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yorkie, yorkshire terrier
Little Miss Muffin... Her momma's pride and joy! Just home from the groomer and she's almost got the bow out of her hair already.

yorkies, Yorkshire Terriers
Tango and Cash in matching outfits with coordinating bows. How adorable is that?!

yorkie, halloween
Halloween 2006, Cash- trying out his new look. We think it's a keeper.

yorkie, halloween
Cash- au natural is just your style! Who needs wigs with a 'do like that?!

yorkie pic
Tango, the fireman- Who said dalmations were the only dogs allowed on the fire truck? We think Tango's the perfect man for the job!

Ginger, Yorkshire terrier
Miss Photogenic-
Ginger lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her 4 doggie sisters. We loved this photo so much we put it on our Yorkies Breed Information page.

Abby, Yorkshire Terrier, puppy
Baby Abby- Her momma LOVES to take pictures! Below is another picture of Abby... see how much she's grown!

Abby's a little older now... still just as adorable! Bet she's hiding her raw hide under the Santa hat! Holly will sniff it out!

Even on her daddy's lap, Abby finds a way to keep the raw hide from her sisters... Bet she even fell asleep with it!

Holly, Yorkshire Terrier
Holly's close-up! Holly keeps her momma on her toes! Her hobbies include, chasing squirrels, visiting the neighbors and stealing treats from her sisters. We love ya Holly!

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