Dog Art

Canine Designs By Brooke Faulder

Combining my love of saving dogs with my love for painting them, dog art, Canine designs by Brooke Faulder was born.

Several of the designs below have been used in the creation of commercial products like jigsaw puzzles and calendars. You can also find them on garden flags, pill boxes, art prints, checkbook covers, mugs, mouse pads, iphone covers, and  more.

If you happen to be in product development or product licensing and would like to inquire about these designs or others that I have, contact me for more information.

If you're viewing these pages in hopes of finding a new best friend, I encourage you to research the breed of your choice thoroughly so that you can make an informed, responsible decision. Start by checking out a list of breeds and then learn why dog adoption might be the best choice for you.

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One of my most liked paintings. Several prints of this Yorkshire Terrier paintings have been collected worldwide. The cute puppy cut on this little dog along with his peaceful gaze upon the pot of pink roses gives this painting a feel of a dog who is truely content and takes the time to stop and smell the roses.

"Stopping to Smell the Roses"

By Brooke Faulder.

Original Yorkshire Terrier

painting SOLD.

I think if dogs had the voice to speak, one of the first things they would be FOR is adoption. A play on words and the hope that it might inspire someone looking for a maltese puppy, a chocolate lab puppy, poodle puppy, yorkie puppy might be inspired to look into the possibility of dog adoption. Colorful hydrangeas pop out in the background. This original oil painting has never been listed for sale until now.
"Pups 4 Adoption"
Original oil painting by Brooke Faulder
on 11x14 art panel. $250.00
The two Crafty Bichons in the paintings probably aren't the ones who stitched the quilt, crocheted the teddy bear or knitted the afghan, but they are helping to adorn the center of this cute, fun dog art.
Yard sale was painted with the bichon Frise puppies center stage. Notice the sign that says puppies are not for sale. ;) Three more Bichons are doing what dogs do amongst the yard sale items including an old tv set, some cute luggage with a train case, puzzles, shoes, etc. A cute vw bug and a bicycle keep your eye moving over this colorful painting. Listed for sale now for the first time.

"Crafty (with Bichons)"

Look for this cute dog art on mouse pads, garden flags, etc. Or contact me about where they can be purchased

"Yard Sale" By Brooke Faulder. Original Bichon Frise oil painting on 11x14 stretched canvas.

Three yorkies skiing sets the scene in this paintng that was commissioned in acrylic on art panel. Snowmen, snow covered pine trees and snowy mountain slopes complete the image.
Before Twilight was painted with my late Yorkie, Petey in mind. Petey would have never held still long enough for a photo shoot, but I can always paint him into the scene of my choosing. This Yorkshire Terrier painting has a halloween theme, complete with fallen leaves and a jack-o-lantern.

"Winter Wonderland"

"Before Twilight"


Christmas art painting that features a yorkie on hawaiian beach with other dogs, a sandman, red crabs in a cute scene. Original dog oil painting by Brooke Faulder
Border Collies, one watching over the flock and the puppy sleeping, dreaming of the sheep escaping. A stream runs through the pasture in front of a an old barn in this original dog painting. Look for this painting on puzzles, flags, iphone covers and more

"Christmas Vacation"


You can also contact me to commission a similar painting, or a painting of your own dog!

"Counting Sheep" By Brooke Faulder. Original Border Collie 11 x 14 oil painting

This original Schnauzer painting is being offered for sale for a limited time. I already have my own ideas about where I'd like to hang it, so once it's framed, it officially mine :) It's oil on 8x10 stretched canvas. I have more pictures available, just use the contact link if you have any questions. Features two Schnauzers keeping mom's chair warm as they sit on her newly knitten afghan. Bright colors of aqua and fuschia go together well in the original colorful dog painting.
"Crafty" By Brooke Faulder. Original painting - for sale for a limited time only.
11 X 14" oil on stretched canvas

"Before Twilight"

Original Yorkshire Terrier

painting SOLD.

It's beggar's night and that includes the Westie and the black kitten in this painting. As the little girl in rainbow tights reaches for an item on top of the orange cabinet, the animals hope it's something for them... although the kitten may have her eye on the spider that dangles, the West Highland White Terrier looks hungry. He doesn't even seem to mind the butterfly wings that make up his own Halloween costume. Looks like the mouse has already found a couple of tasty treats to nibble.
My Julie. I loved this little dog- like no other. She was originally a puppy mill dog. I drove to Atlanta to get her and she was so scared that day. Human contact seemed as though it was completely foreign to her, but she eventually grew to crave my presence, even jumping in the shower with me, just to be closer. I'm getting off-track, but this site IS about the plight of puppy mill dogs. This page just happens to focus on the art, but my real passion is saving dogs like Julie. She was a beautiful hairless Chinese Crested. She sits here in the painting amonst the blue violet and purple hydrangeas staring at the wings as they spin on the bee wind spinner.

"Beggar's Night"

"Julie in Hydrangeas"

Tabatha seemed a fitting name for this painting of a little Yorkie puppy as she poses in her witch halloween costume.A small breed dog like a Yorkie could sometimes fit inside a pumpkin, but the jack-o-lantern in this painting is just the right size. The scary cat with the arched back on the pumpkin carving  brighten up this otherwise starry night.
The Bichon Frise wearing a wreath of holly in the Christmas painting is a hit at Christmas time. The garden flag orders alone that I sell with this image are hard to keep up on. The happy, smiling (as they often do) Bichon in this painting holds out his tongue in the hopes of a catching one of the falling snowflakes and gives this image a playful feel of joy and laughter, both of which are perfect for the season! Looking for new  animal art to display on commercial products? I'm open to hearing your ideas.



Yes, the original is sold, but you can still find this cute dog art on mouse pads, garden flags, etc. Feel free to contact me about where items can be purchased.

"Eating Snowflakes"

By Brooke Faulder.


Although these animals seem to be living the easy life, this piece was aptly named for the Ruff Life these animals might have endured before finding their way to the rescue. Countless millions will be euthanized this year alone. If you're considering a new best friend, please consider the benefits and rewards of checking out the dogs in your local shelters first. You might be surprised to know that purebreds like Chihuahuas, labs and various collie breeds, like the border collie in the painting are euthanized nearly as often as the ALSO perfectly loveable mixed breeds. In fact, mixed breeds are being sold as So-Called designer breeds these days for ridiculous sums of money. If you're looking for a Shihtza-poo, golden doodle, puggle...  Please do not be taken advantage of by oppurtunitic breeders. They are monopolizing on a fad that sells the same kind of dog you can adopt from a shelter and give your own (cutesy) name to. Rescue a Shih tzu-Pekingese mix and call it a Shih tzinese. It would be exactly the same.
The Pink Gingham Puppy lies in a basket with a blanket that matches her top-knot bow. This Yorkie painting was licensed by Bits and Pieces puzzle company and may still be for sale through their website. Several of the paintings on the site have also been licensed for use as puzzle, art tiles, calendars, etc.

"A Ruff Life"

"Pink Gingham Puppy"


Wish You Were Here seems to be look on the face of this lonely little Yorkie. As she sits pretty on the orange towl in front of the waves rolling in from somewhere far away in the big blue and aqua ocean, the problems of the world seem like a distant memory. Mouse pads and prints were popular with this image and are still for sale. Google my name, Brooke Faulder or look for links to other dog art on the pages of this website.
One is the loneliest number, so I gave this Yorkie a friend. They two dogs sit  on their mommies expensive red-striped sofa, one seems to be looking for some mischeif while the other is content to rest his weary head for a short nap.

"Wish You Were Here"


"Tiny Treasures"


Because Country Westie was so popular, Country Yorkie was born. A scarecrow in the background must be doing it's job, because there's not a crow to be seen. The Yorkie, however, doesn't seemed to be concerned with saving this year's harvest as the apples spill onto the ground while he plays in the basket. Prepared for trick-or-treat, he wears his little bee costume and looks skyward, perhaps looking for a crow who might dare to land...
Country Westie is available for licensing along with most of the other images on this site. Though some are spoken for as far as certain products go, there are many other possible uses that I would love to see them become. Contact me if you represent a company looking for fun colorful animal art.

"Country Yorkie"

"Country Westie"