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Just as on Page 1 Dog Art, page 2 was made to showcase my unique painting style and love for animals. If you've come across this page in search of commercially available paintings of dogs, cats, wildlife and farm life, I hope you'll find what you're looking for.

I have used these images in producing my own products. Garden flags are one of my best-sellers and I use only my own paintings to develop them. Checkbook covers, pill boxes, mouse pads and art prints are only a few of the other items I sell with these images.

If the painting you are interested in is already sold, there is still hope! Ask me about a commissioned portrait of your own dog or other pet! As a pet portrait artist, I can paint your dog or any other pet in nearly any setting. I specialize in both oil and acrylic paintings.

Thanks for taking the time to stop and browse my images. If you have any questions about these images, contact me anytime or learn more about me, my artwork and my mission here.

Moose Crossing Great Dane painting

"Moose Crossing"
11x14 oil stretched canvas


Yorkie painting dog art

"To Gnome Me is to Love Me"

oil on stretched canvas

Available as a print or garden flag

Yorkie puppy painting

"Boston's 1st Christmas"

acrylic on stretched canvas

Christmas dog / Yorkie Puppy painting

Available as a print or garden flag

Westie painting dog art

"Autumn Comes Early"

Westie painting

11x14 oil on stretched canvas


Chihuahua painting dog art

"Faux Fur-Ever"
Chihuahua painting

oil on stretched canvas, 11x14

golden retriever oil painting dog art

"Gazing in Wonderment"

Labrador Retreiver puppy painting

Yorkshire Terrier painting dog art

"Dog Day"

Yorkie Acrylic Painting


Farm Life oil painting with rooster cows kittens

"farm Life"

16x20 oil on stretched canvas


FRAMED (reclaimed barn wood)

making the dimensions about

24"x28" approximately

oil painting yorkie

Doggie Diva

Yorkie Acrylic Dog Art


Available as a print or garden flag

dogs oil painting grooming art with animals

"Rub-a-Dub Dog"


oil on stretched canvas


yorkie puppy painting riding in bike basket

"Morning Ride"

Yorkshire Terrier Oil Painting

Available as a print or garden flag

memorial day black lab painting with kitten and wreath

"Remembering Abby"

Black Lab Oil Painting

Independence day dog painting with Yorkie


8x10 dog art

oil on canvas

Yorkie Painting

Available as a print or garden flag

halloween painting with dog

"Fright Light Yorkie"

11x14 oil canvas

Available as a print or garden flag

biewer terrier art painting

"Patty Cake"

Commissioned oil painting

Available as a print or garden flag

Yorkshire Terrier dog art oil commissioned painting


Commissioned oil painting

Available as a print or garden flag

Yorkie on scarlet sofa oil painting

"Yorkie on Scarlet Sofa"

Acrylic on canvas, dog art


Yorkshire terrier art

"Wish You Were Here"
Version 2

Mixed Media on stretched canvas

puppy painting

"Sneaking Up On Santa"

Christmas Acrylic Dog Art

Available as a print or garden flag

biewer terrier painting

"New Discoveries"

Biewer Terrier Acrylic Painting

Available as a print or garden flag

oil painting golden retreiver

"Gazing in Wonderment"

oil on canvas lab puppy with baby Christmas Painting.

chocolate lab commissioned dog painting acrylic


Commissioned acrylic painting

Contact me if you'd like to see your own dog turned into a painting!

Poker dog painting.

"Lucky Dog"



Westie acrylic painting

"West Highland Garden Club"


Gothic American Poodles  dog oil painting

"Farm Life"

16x20 Oil on Canvas


yorkie painting dog art

"A Quiet Setting"

Yorkie painting


Kittens painting for sale

"Tabby Tea Time"

11 x 14 kitten painting

Oil on canvas

in simple plain wood frame


Hay day yorkie and puppy autumn painting

"Hay Day"

Halloween Yorkie Art


Learn more about me, my art, the mission of this site and Rescue Dogs Are Better here.

We also welcome you to contact us if there are any other questions we can answer for you about anything you saw or read on this site.

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