by Linda
(Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

I have a long-hair chihuahua - the runt of the litter. He barely makes it to three pounds - small but husky. He isn't a typical chihuahua in any way - no yapping, no nipping, no fear-based behavior. He played fetch from 10 weeks old - pushes open doors - rubs his face up against your cheek like a cat - and his best friend is this huge, blue pit bull that my best friend owns. He loves cats, kids and other dogs (as long as they don't try to "hump" him - that makes him growl a warning. He is about a year and a half old now (born Oct 17, 2010). Meeko sometimes just sits looking at me with such love in his eyes - such a kool little buddy!

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Apr 04, 2020
Meeko, non-typical Chi NEW
by: Karen Mullen

I would just love to have a long-haired non-typical Chihuahua of that temperament! It actually sounds very Maltese.

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