American Hairless Terrier

American Hairless Terriers: 101 Learn all you need to know about AHT's before making one a part of your family. From breed information to health issues. You'll find it all right here.

American Hairless Terrier

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Watch Dogs The American Hairless Terrier makes a great watch dog. You can trust this breed to warn you to every new sound including knocks on the door and strange noises outside.

Size- There are 3 varieties of this breed. The toy variety weighs between 6 and 10 pounds and stands no more than 11" high at the shoulders. The miniature is no more than 16" high at the shoulder while the standard can measure as high as 20".

People Friendly- American Hairless Terriers are known to love the company of people and when socialized properly they are not particularly nervous around polite strangers or well behaved children. Plenty of positive exposure to different people, sights and sounds is beneficial for the social wellbeing of all puppies.

Trainability- An early start in training will help this terrier breed grow accustomed to obedience, but patience while he's a puppy will benefit the both of you as he grows into an older dog. This is especially true for housebreaking the toy variety of this breed. Consistency in training is a must. Check out our training page for lots of helpful advice for tricks and housetraining.

Non Shedding / Hypoallergenic? (learn more)- Many people with allergies to pet dander get along well with all size varieties of this breed, but they aren't necessarily allergy-free for everyone. Check out our list of other Non-shedding small breed dogs while you're here to find the breed that's best for you.

Even MORE about AHT's

Help Put an End to the Torture in Puppy Mills- With the hype surrounding many small breeds and the demand for them increasing, puppy mills are big business and dogs are suffering in the most horrendous conditions imaginable. We owe it to them to do what we can.

Please read our FAQ page to learn all there is to know about puppy mills and how to find a responsible breeder.

Separation anxiety is common- Dogs with separation anxiety often show frustration by destructive chewing and barking or by having "accidents" on your furniture.

Special Needs-American Hairless Terriers, like all Hairless breeds need protection from the cold. Clothes and a coat will be necessary to keep your dog warm if you live in a colder region. These dogs should never be left outside in the cold... or in the sun. Their skin will burn just as ours does. Sunscreen will be necessary for summer walks and anytime you're in the sun with your dog.

Housebreaking difficulties- Toy breeds are among the hardest dogs to housebreak. You'll need to be very patient if you plan to own the toy variety of this breed. Small dogs come with small bladders. We highly recommend these positive training techniques.

Fragility- Toy breeds are fragile. They are prone to broken bones caused by falling, mishandling, etc. A larger animal can quickly kill a small dog with one quick shake. It's never a good idea to walk the high spirited American Hairless Terrier without a leash.

-Possible Health Concerns-

Patellar Luxation is a joint condition in which kneecaps pop in and out of place. This is a common complication among many breeds.

Hip Dysplasia is a developmental subluxation of the hip joints which can eventually lead to arthritis and/or lameness. It's causes are genetic as well as environmental. A secondary concern of this affliction is osteoarthritis.

The use of pet steps has been shown to significantly reduce some of the wear and tear on joints that can lead to or aggravate the above mentioned conditions. Please make pet steps a part of your home if you plan to make a small breed dog part of your family.

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We also welcome you to contact us if there are any other questions we can answer for you about American Hairless Terriers.

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