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Madge and Matta are mother and pup and are looking for their first real forever home where that can stay together! They were rescued from a hoarder and would desperately love to live in a real home where they are loved. They are very dependent on each other and need to stay together.

If you would consider offering your love to a needy dog, consider checking out more of the cute faces on! (Or check them out even if you just want to see more Brussels Griffon pictures!)

Hurry! Madge and Matta may still be available!

National Brussels Griffon Rescue, Inc. has Griffies in several states. They are currently in need of new volunteers! Foster homes are always in very short supply. Learn more about their current dogs, their organization and/or volunteering here!

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"Scuse-Me was rescued from a kill shelter in NJ 2 days before he was due to be euthanized! If you think you could find room in your heart for this little guy, he may still be waiting! Check out or inquire about him through New Jersey Animal Coalition.

'Scuse Me is already house trained and already neutered! But these are just a few of the advantages of adopting an adult dog!

There are even more advantages to opening your heart and home to an adult dog! Learn more about dog adoption here.

brussels griffon, dog
Can you believe this beautiful girl is a puppy mill survivor? The fact that she is now enjoying a normal dog life, despite her past says a lot about this little girl. She is learning to play and even joins in other doggie activities with two other resident dogs at her foster home, but she would truly love to have a forever home.

Nanny McPhee's face may still grace the pages of petfinder. But if she was lucky enough to have made it into a forever home, we hope you'll click this link and type in your zip code to find a Nanny McPhee near you or inquire about her through Hopeful Hearts Rescue.

Thanks to the generous hearts of rescue groups and volunteers, Nanny and other dogs like her are being given second chances, but rescue organizations can only exist if we spread the word... that dogs are never "damaged goods" and they all deserve loving homes. No matter how unfortunate their pasts may have been, it was never their fault. Most rescue dogs and dogs in shelters are the victims of irresponsible owners, but these dogs are just as loveable and just as good as any other dog, maybe better!

There is no heart in all the world more grateful for kindness than the loving heart of a dog! - Beth Norman Harris

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Zoe is three months old in the photo above. She is playing with her sister, Sunny... and Sunny looks just thrilled about it!

Zoe is the newest pride and joy of her mother who has fallen in love with BG's. Zoe is a red, rough-coated Griffie with uncropped ears. She's adorable! No wonder her momma's in love!

brussels griffon, dog

brussels griffon, dog

brussels griffon, dog

brussels griffon, dog

brussels griffon, dog

brussels griffon, dog

Brussels griffon, dog

Brussels griffon, dog

Brussels griffon, dog

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