Chinese Crested

The Hairless


The Powderpuff

Chinese Crested: 101 Is this the right breed for your family? From breed information, health issues and where to purchase or adopt a Chinese Crested... You'll find it all right here.

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Intelligent but can be stubborn
General Breed Health
Choose a breeder wisely. Never purchase a pet store puppy.
Ease of House Training
Use only positive training techniques
Low Maintenance
Powder-Puff will need regular grooming. Hairless has special needs.
Good w/Other Pets
Can be high-strung. Socialize early and often.
CC's are non shedding, but not necessarily hypoallergenic. Why.
Good With Children?
Great with older, well-behaved children only.

"Lord, help me be the person my dog thinks I am.”

The FUN Stuff...
About Chinese Cresteds

Watch Dogs Chinese Cresteds are not extremely yappy, but they are extremely alert. You can trust this breed to warn you to every new sound including knocks on the door.

Size- Typically this breed will stand between 11" to 15" high at the shoulders and weigh under 15 pounds, but this can vary for a pet quality Crested. Apartment life will suit his exercise needs well as long as another form of daily exercise is provided.

People Friendly- This is a very "people friendly" breed when he's socialized properly. Not especially shy or timid, he can be trusted not to nip at the heels of strangers. He is also friendly with and tolerant of other animals, environment will play a role in the characteristic, negatively or positively.

Odorless- A virtually odorless dog, unlike some breeds, he doesn't have a distinct or offensive odor. (This doesn't mean that you won't have to bathe him.... sorry)

Trainability- Extremely alert and intelligent, they do well in obediance training and learns new tricks rather easily. Our page on Dog Training is great for the beginner. Always remember that patience and praise will get you much further than harsh words or actions. Be patient.

Non Shedding- Virtually hypoallergenic, both varieties of this breed shed very little to no hair. A great starting point for those who suffer with dog allergies. Hairless and non-shedding doesn't always mean hypoallergenic though. Here's why.

Hairless Cresteds actually get sunburns. Be sure to slather on the sunscreen in the summer... and around the house, a coat or sweater is much appreciated, just as you wouldn't be warm enough without one. In the winter, they're necessary AND adorable. Check out these great dog sweaters and thunder coats!

What to be prepared for…

three beautiful powderpuff Chinese Cresteds

Disregarding the Hype- With the hype surrounding many small breeds and the demand for them increasing, puppy mills are big business and dogs are suffering in the most horrendous conditions imaginable. We owe it to them to do what we can.

You can be a part of helping to put an end to the torture. Please read our FAQ page to learn how.

High Energy- Chinese Crested have a propensity for climbing and digging. They are great escape artists and can find their way out of confinement if it's at all possible. He is definitely not a laid back puppy. Expect to have a very spirited dog for at least the first few years.

Separation anxiety is common- He will often show frustration by destructive chewing and barking or by having "accidents" on your furniture.

Behavioral Issues- Though easily trained most of the time, Chinese Cresteds can also be stubborn. When he's had enough, that's it. He definitely has a mind of his own and can show an attitude to back it up.

High Maintenance-In the powderpuff, regular grooming is necessary to keep her coat from matting. The hairless has her own baggage as well... in the form of skin care products and weather appropriate clothing.

Housebreaking difficulties- Toy breeds are among the hardest dogs to housebreak. You'll need to be very patient with your Chinese Crested and probably clean up several messes during the housebreaking phase. Small dogs come with small bladders. We highly recommend these positive training techniques.

A 15 YEAR + COMMITMENT- Dogs lose their homes and end up in shelters for some of the saddest reasons. If you're planning a move or a career or lifestyle change or if you're unsure of your financial ability to feed, vet, groom, house or properly care for another living creature, be honest with yourself and wait until you're ready.

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Cresteds are not recommended for people with small children (under 6). Even well behaved children with the best intentions can easily injure a dog this small.

Health Issues-

Patellar Luxation is a joint condition in which kneecaps pop in and out of place. This is a common complication among many small breed dogs. According the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, more than 6% of Crested are afflicted with the condition.

Legg-Calvé-Perthes syndrome- A disease seen in varying degrees in many small breed dogs. It's degenerative and leads to bone loss and collapse of the hip joint which is obviously painful. Early treatment can help to prevent degenerative arthritis.

Toy breeds are fragile.- A Crested could easily be injured in a fall or by jumping from something as low as your bed. Please consider pet steps if you own or plan to own a Chinese Crested.

The Powderpuffs
Don't overlook the powderpuffs. One of the biggest injustices for the Chinese Crested breed is the extent to which the powderpuff (as opposed to the hairless) is underrated.

Powderpuff Chinese Crested dogs possess the same desirable qualities as the hairless without the need to stay dressed and wear sunscreen. They also don't get acne like a hairless dog will. The extent of blackheads and cystic acne on a hairless can be anywhere from mild to extreme. I've seen some pretty bad cases.

Breeders and Puppies
If you're looking for a Chinese Crested puppy, though I would normally ask that you adopt, I've recently come into contact with a rare breeder that I would actually recommend. Please visit her site and contact for more information.

Feeling crafty? Learn to make your own dog clothes for your hairless Chinese Crested!

This dog clothes pattern was designed by me and it's perfect for pajamas or everyday wear! Hairless Cresteds need to be kept warm! And this pattern will also protect them from sunburn.

Start making your own dog clothes now with this easy dog hoodie pattern!

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NEW! Pictures of Chinese Cresteds

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101 reasons to avoid pet store and website puppies

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"Prim and Playful"
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