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french Bulldog

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Watch Dogs-They make keen watch dogs! French Bulldogs aren't normally yappy. If your bulldog is barking, you can bet there's a pretty good reason.

Size- Show dogs stand about 12" high at the shoulders and weigh between 19-28 pounds. Males tend to be the larger of the two. They don't need a great deal of exercise. They are just as comfortable in an apartment as they are in a large home.

Friendly- French Bulldogs are loving and very "people friendly" and they typically get along well with other animals. This breed also enjoys the company of well behaved children, but does not deal well with abuse from toddlers. Interactions with small children should be closely monitored.

Trainability-Bulldogs are quick learners... When they want to be! A dog who doesn't want to do something can be amazingly stubborn. Just ask a bulldog owner. Patience will earn you greater results when training this breed.

Loyalty-Frenchies are faithful, affectionate and loyal companions who prefer the company of people to other dogs. He'll be your devoted shadow for every trip to the kitchen, bathroom, dining room, office...

Excitability- More sensitive than quick-tempered, an adult French Bulldog is normally gentle and easy going.

french Bulldog

French Bulldogs overheat very easily. They should NEVER be left alone in cars. Their short snouts make it more difficult for them, as opposed to other dogs, to dissipate heat. A temperature controlled environment is necessary for their comfort, but more importantly, for their well being. More Below...

Side Note: Why not consider Adoption First? With the popularity of small dogs increasing, so too are the number of irresponsible owners... and millions of purebred dogs are ending up in shelters. So many in fact, that rescue groups are having a hard time keeping up. There are likely to be hundreds of Frenchies near you in need of rescue. Click here and type in your zip code.

Have you also prepared yourself for…

Shedding- French Bulldogs have short course hair that clings to everything including furniture and clothing. Constant vacuuming and hair removal will become part of your daily routine with this breed. It's a small price to pay for such a loving dog, but it could be a major problem for allergy sufferers.

Snoring and Flatulence- Because of their short snouts, Bulldogs tend to be noisy sleepers... and they make a lot of breathing noises even when they're awake. They are also very gassy little dogs.

Maintenance- Because they have short hair, excessive grooming is not necessary, but it's important to keep the folds of their skin clean to prevent fungus. Care must be taken to keep water out of his nose during bathing. A soft cloth is sufficient for brushing and will help to remove loose hair.

Difficult Deliveries- French Bulldog puppies are often delivered by caesarean section because their large heads will not fit through the birth canal. Never put undue stress on this dog by breeding her if you're not an expert and can't afford large vet bills for the delivery of the puppies. Many female bulldogs, along with their litters, have died (even in the most experienced hands) during, before and after delivery.

Nutrition Requirements- Since Bulldogs are not big on exercise, overfeeding could quickly lead to obesity and add insult to injury by making his breathing difficulties that much worse. Calorie requirements will depend on the size of your dog. Check with your vet to keep your dog healthy and offer treats sparingly.

Temperature Sensitivity- Bulldogs need a temperature controlled environment. They do not tolerate temperature extrememes well, hot or cold. If they're exposed to more heat than their bodies can dissipate through panting, it could quickly become lethal for this dog.

Seperation Anxiety-French Bulldogs love companionship, so it's no wonder that they become frustrated when they're left home alone. Click the link for tips to help minimize the "accidents" on your carpet and destructive chewing of your belongings.

-Health Issues-

Not all Bulldogs are unhealthy. It's true that they do have special needs and (due to the anatomical structure of their face and airways) they require special care, but many health problems can be avoided. It's important to educate yourself and ask questions of your breeder before you purchase a puppy.

Breathing Difficulty- Some conditions which can contribute to making this problem worse are Cleft palate and Elongated Soft Palate- This is seen commonly in breeds with pushed-in faces. Even mild cases often require surgery to correct. Symptoms to watch for include labored breathing, coughing, gagging, heavy snorting and fainting.

Small Trachea- Or trachea that fails to develop normally.

Trachea collapse- This condition is partially genetic, but could be made worse by an energetic Frenchie straining on her collar during grooming. While walking her, a harness is recommended.

Stenotic Nares- A softening of the cartilage in the nasal cavity which makes it hard for a dog to inhale air. This can cause enlarging of the heart and and flattening of the chest. It's miserable for the dog and surgery is the only way of correcting it. Symptoms include; nasal discharge, labored breathing followed by snorting and lethargy due to lack of oxygen.

Megaesophagus- An enlarged or dilated esophagus, either congenital or acquired that causes the dog to vomit almost immediately after eating or exercise. The condition frequently leads to aspiration pneumonia.

Skin Problems- French bulldogs have a high occurence of skin disorders. One is Hot Spots- An area of their skin that starts as irritation. Then by chewing and the dogs own self mutilation, it becomes swollen, infected and warm. Foul odor also follows the above symptoms.

Atopic Dermatitus known by many other names, is a disorder of the immune system causing allergic reactions to pollen, dust, mold, grass, weeds, etc. Affected dogs can display reverse sneezing, hair loss, coat discoloration and reddening or crusty eyes.

Von Willebrand disease- There are varying degrees of this hereditary bleeding disorder. vWD is an absence or deficiency of a protein factor in the blood, known as vWF, von Willebrand Factor. Some clinical symptoms include spontaneous bleeding from the gums or nose. In severe cases, toenail trimming can lead to major blood loss. This disease is similar to hemophilia seen in humans.

Hip Dysplasia and Joint Problems including arthritis are common in Bulldogs.

Patellar Luxation-A joint condition in which kneecaps dislocate. This is very painful for your dog and expensive to correct. This is a common complication among many small breed dogs.

French Bulldogs also suffer due to Spinal Disorders, Heart Problems and Hypothyroidism- Hypothyroidism is a condion of the thyroid gland that can cause hair loss and obesity.

Please take care of your dogs. They depend on you.

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