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"Lord, help me to be the person my dog thinks I am."
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Watch Dogs- Yorkies make keen watch dogs! You can trust her to respond with barking upon every knock at the door or ring of the bell or random cat who happens to wander onto her territory.

Size- Normally no larger than 7 pounds, they do not require a great deal of exercise and therefore make great pets for apartment dwellers.
DO NOT let irresponsible breeders and the hype surrounding tiny dogs fool you into thinking 'smaller is better'. Please read the health issues and "Disregard the Hype!"

Friendly- Extremely social, as a general rule, Yorkshire Terriers are very people friendly. However, it's worth noting that it's not altogether uncommon to run across a Yorkie with a bad attitude. So be wary of the occasional ankle biter.

Trainability- In the right environment, gentle handling being a must, they do well in obediance training. Your Yorkie will want to make you happy, so give her plenty of oppurtunities and praise her often. We highly recommend these positive training techniques.

Loyal- Characteristically loyal and good-natured, so too will she insist on accompanying you to each and every trip to the bathroom, kitchen, dining room, office…

Excitability- Yorkies are not an overly excitable breed. More sensitive than quick-tempered, an adult Yorkshire Terrier is normally gentle and easy going.

Non-Shedding- Virtually hypoallergenic, Yorkies shed very little to no hair. That makes this breed a great choice for those who suffer from allergies.

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Please consider adoption first if you're considering a Yorkie as the next member of your family. Hundreds of purebred dogs are rescued from puppy mills and abusive homes every day.

Side Note:With the popularity of small breed dogs increasing, so too has the number of breeders, both good and bad. There IS a Yorkie near you (type in you zip code) in need of rescue.

Have you also prepared yourself for...

Frequent grooming- Yorkies need regular grooming. Her hair can grow quite long and requires a commitment of frequent brushing and trimming to keep it from becoming matted. If you plan to own a Yorkshire Terrier, you might want to make friends now with your local groomer. You’ll get to know her very well on your regular visits.

Housebreaking Difficulties- Yorkies are among the hardest dogs to housebreak. You'll need to be very patient and consistent. Small dogs come with small bladders. For a Yorkshire Terrier in particular, I highly recommend these positive training techniques.

Separation Anxiety- is common. He will often show frustration by destructive chewing and barking or by hiking his leg on your potted houseplant. Click here to learn how you can stop these behaviors.

A 15+ Year Commitment-Buying or adopting a dog is a commitment to take care of him for his entire lifetime. If you're planning a move or a career or lifestyle change or if you're unsure of your financial ability to feed, vet, groom, house or properly care for another living creature, do the responsible thing (for yourself and the dog) and wait until you're ready.

Disregarding the hype- There is technically no such thing as a ‘tea cup’ Yorkie. This is an invented term used to market tiny dogs and sell them for ridiculous prices. AKC recognized show dogs are typically 4-6 pounds.

With the hype surrounding many toy breeds and the demand for them increasing, puppy mills are big business and dogs are suffering in the most horrendous conditions imaginable. We owe it to them to do what we can. Please read our FAQ page to learn all the ways that finding a responsible breeder could help put an end to the torture of Yorkshire Terriers and other small breed dogs.

-Health Issues-

The smaller your dog, the more fragile her bones are. Yorkies are notorious for broken bones caused by falls. Consider Pet Steps to help keep your Yorkie safe.

Yorkshire Terriers, especially tiny ones, run a high risk of organ failure during anesthesia. A good friend recently lost her Yorkie during a routine appointment with the vet to have his teeth cleaned.

Hypoglycemia is also a matter of concern for the owners of these small breed dogs. Often their tiny bodies are unable to properly regulate blood sugar.

Trachea collapse, commonly thought to be partially genetic, could also be caused by an energetic Yorkie straining on her collar during grooming. While walking her, a harness is recommended.

Yorkies are prone to other genetic health disorders as well, the most common of which is the liver shunt. Possible symptoms to look for include- poor muscle development, small stature, strange behavior, unresponsiveness and seizures.

Yorkies are not a good idea for people with small children. Even the most well behaved children with the best intentions can't help mishandling a dog this small.

Yorkies can also become nervous and snap at children. Despite being small, they can pack a serious bite.

We urge you to consider pet steps if you plan to bring a Yorkshire Terrier into your life. Not only do pet stairs or ramps reduce the risk of falling or jumping accidents, they have been proven to save the wear and tear on joints that can lead to hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, etc.

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