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"...His greatest fear is that someone will point out a rabbit and suggest that he chase it..."

-John Steinbeck

english bulldog

All the many reasons to love them...

Watch Dogs- They make keen watch dogs! The English Bulldog is not a yappy breed. If your bulldog is barking, you can bet there's a pretty good reason.

Size- Show dogs range between 12" to 14" high at the shoulder. Females of this breed tend to be smaller weighing in around 40 pounds while their male counterparts will weigh about 50 pounds. They're short dogs, low to the ground, but there's a lot of dog in that little body.

Friendly- English Bulldogs are loving and very "people friendly" and they typically get along well with other animals. They are also known to love children, but since there is a tendency for food possessiveness caution should be practiced with children and other animals when a bulldog is eating.

Trainability- Bulldogs are quick learners- When they want to be! A dog who doesn't want to do something can be amazingly stubborn. Just ask a bulldog owner. These are not the best dogs for obediance enthusiasts.

Loyalty- Bullies are faithful, affectionate and loyal companions. While independence is a character trait for many BT's, separation anxiety is a major issue for others. 

Excitability- Perhaps when they're puppies they're a little mischievous, but an adult English Bulldog is gentle, laid back and well-behaved for the most part.

General Breed Health- High risk of poorly bred and puppy mill dogs in this breed if due diligence in choosing a responsible breeder in not exercised. This means visiting the breeder, making sure her dogs are bred "in house" and dogs are not kept in cages in her garage, barn, etc. or at another location separate from her home. This is just for starters. Read our FAQ page to learn more about why you should avoid puppy mill dogs at all costs. And read more about English Bulldog health issues, below. 

NOT non-shedding- We do have a whole page devoted to non shedding dog breeds, but an English Bulldog is not one of them. 

Other Pets and Children- Regarding other pets, socializing early and often is highly recommended if possible. This is another area where choosing a responsible breeder will benefit you immensely. Breeding dogs with good character traits is a priority for responsible breeders.  Adoption is another good way of getting a dog that suits your family and lifestyle. Adopting a adult dog means you'll already know if the dog is tolerant of other animals and children.

English Bulldog

English Bulldogs are not 'outside dogs'. They overheat very easily in warm weather.

They should not be left in cars -ever!

If you live in a hot or humid region, air conditioning should be provided for health as well as comfort and to help soothe breathing difficulties.

More About the English Bulldog

Shedding- English Bulldogs have short course hair that clings to everything including furniture and clothing. Constant vacuuming and hair removal will become part of your daily life with this breed. It's a small price to pay for such a loving dog, but it could be a major problem for allergy sufferers.

Snoring and Flatulence- Because of their short snouts, Bulldogs tend to be noisy sleepers... and they make a lot of breathing noises even when they're awake. They are also very flatulent little dogs.

Maintenance- Because they have short hair, excessive grooming is not necessary, but it's important to keep the creases on their face clean and the folds under his tail powdered during hot weather to prevent chafing. Care must be taken to keep water out of his nose during bathing. A soft cloth is sufficient for brushing and will help to remove loose hair.

Drooling- After a drink of water and even after eating, Bulldogs drool quite a bit. It's not something that can be helped or controlled, it's something you'll have to deal with if you plan to bring a bulldog home.

Difficult Deliveries- Bulldog puppies are often delivered by caesarean section because their large heads will not fit through the birth canal. Never put undue stress on this dog by breeding her if you're not an expert and can't afford large vet bills for the delivery of the puppies. Many female bulldogs, along with their litters, have died (even in the most experienced hands) during, before and after delivery.

Nutrition Requirements- Since Bulldogs are not big on exercise, overfeeding could quickly lead to obesity and add insult to injury by making his breathing difficulties that much worse. Calorie requirements will depend on the size of your dog. Check with your vet to keep your dog healthy and offer treats sparingly.

Heat Sensitivity- Bulldogs need a temperature controlled environment, especially if you live a hot or humid region. Their flat faces are adorable, but it makes breathing difficult. If they're exposed to more heat than their bodies can dissipate through panting, it could be deadly.

Separation Anxiety- This breed loves companionship, so it's no wonder that they become frustrated when they're left home alone. Click the link above for tips to help minimize the "accidents" on your carpet and destructive chewing of your belongings.

English Bulldog
Known Health Issues

Not all Bulldogs are unhealthy. It's true that they do have special needs and (due to the anatomical structure of their face and airways) they require special care, but many of the health problems below can be avoided. Read our FAQ page to learn how to minimize your chances of acquiring a sick dog and how to find a responsible breeder.

Breathing Difficulty- Some conditions which can contribute to making this problem worse are Elongated Soft Palate- Commonly seen in breeds with pushed-in faces. Even mild cases often require surgery. Symptoms include labored breathing, coughing, gagging, heavy snorting and fainting.

Small Trachea- Or trachea that fails to develop normally.

Stenotic Nares- A softening of the cartilage in the nasal cavity which makes it hard for a dog to inhale air. This can cause enlarging of the heart and and flattening of the chest. It's miserable for the dog and surgery is the only way of correcting it. Symptoms include; nasal discharge, labored breathing followed by snorting.

English Bulldogs can also suffer from Many Eye Conditions-

Under tearing or Dry Eye, as you might imagine, will cause a great deal of discomfort every time he blinks and can be made much worse by: Entropion- an inward folding of the eyelid that causes eyelashes to painfully rub against the eyeball. Cherry eye- The gland of the third eyelid prolapses and becomes visible. It appears as a red mass in the inner corner of the eye. All of these will require treatment or surgery to correct.

Skin Problems- English bulldogs have a high occurence of acne which is most commonly seen around the mouth and groin area. Other skin problems like, rash, bald spots and dry skin could be caused by allergies to fleas, grass, household products, etc. See a vet if you notice any changes in your dog's appearance or if he is excessively scratching. Allergies or anything that causes labored breathing could easily kill an English Bulldog.

Demodectic Mange- Mites occur naturally on the skin, but on some dogs, they multiply at a much higher rate. This causes patches of hair loss and irritation and can only be treated by a veterinarian. This is a serious condition.

Hip Dysplasia is a developmental subluxation of the hip joint. It's causes are genetic as well as environmental. According to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals as many as 73.6% of English Bulldogs are prone to the likelihood of someday developing this condition.

The use of Pet Steps has been shown to significantly reduce the wear and tear on joints that can lead to many common joint diseases.

Patellar Luxation is another joint condition. In simple terms, dogs with this condition are afflicted with knee caps that pop in and out of place. It's obviously painful for your dog and expensive to correct.

English Bulldogs also suffer due to Ear Infections, Spina Bifida, Yeast infections (commonly in the ear and the folds in their skin), Heart Problems and Urinary and Reproducive Problems.

If you choose to rescue an adult dog, its likely you'd already know any current health issues.

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  • 12"x18"
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Heavy weight, HIGH END designer boutique quality you will not find in chain stores.
  • Double-sided - both sides are printed with same exact image!
  • Satisfaction Guarantee!
  • Direct from artist!
  • Learn more about me, my mission to save dogs and see more of my artwork HERE!


Learn more about me, my art, the mission of this site and Rescue Dogs Are Better here.

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