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Pekingese in grass looking up
How does the Pekingese score: 0-5 Bones
General Breed Health
Easily Housebroken
Low Maintenance 0 Bones- Pekes are not low maintenance.
Good w/Other Pets
Non-Shedding 0 Bones- Pekes are not non-shedding.

More Specifically...

Watch Dogs-They make keen watch dogs! You can trust this dog to alert you upon every knock at the door or ring of the bell.

Size- Show dogs typically range between 6" to 9" high at the shoulders and 8 to 10 pounds. Pet quality Pekes (if you don't plan to show) can vary in size.

Friendly-This is a very "people friendly" breed. They will normally choose one master and form a close bond with that person. Introducing another pet could be a different story. They are not particularly fond of competing for the attention of their owner. This is a breed very happy to live in a one dog household. As always, a lot of early socialization is the key.

Trainability- Patience will get you much further than scolding with any breed. Shouting, impatient or harsh training is completely unnecessary and will hinder progress. Patience will go a long way when training a Pekingese. They can be stubborn when they want to be and can be difficult to housetrain. Check out our training page for tips on training and advice on housebreaking.

Loyal- They are very affectionate and loyal little dogs. He will want to be with you on every trip to the bathroom, dining room, kitchen...

Excitability- More sensitive than quick-tempered, adult Pekes are normally gentle and easy going. However, they can become very possessive of their owners and are not afraid to show dominance against any rival. Exercise caution around other animals and strangers, especially children. Most Pekes will not tolerate rough play from overzealous children.

Exercise Requirements- This breed is well suited for apartment life. There exercise needs can be fulfilled without a lot of vigorous outside activity. This being said, they also have a tendency to gain weight easily, so treats should be handed out sparingly. Too much weight gain can add insult to injury for a dog already predisposed to breathing problems. More on this below.

Why not consider Adoption First? With the popularity of small dogs increasing, so too are the number of irresponsible owners and breeders... and millions of purebred dogs are ending up in shelters. So many that rescue groups are having a hard time keeping up. There is likely to be a Pekingese near you in need of rescue. Check to find a Pekingese near you!

There's even more to know about the Pekingese...

Housebreaking difficulties- Some toy breeds are difficult to housebreak... A Pekingese is no exception. You'll need to be very patient and probably clean up several messes in the meantime. Small dogs come with small bladders. Click here for helpful training tips for tricks and housebreaking.

Separation Anxiety is always a possibility. Destructive chewing and barking or having "accidents" on your furniture are only some of the behaviors you may encounter. If leaving your dog home alone on a regular basis is a likelihood for you, consider adopting an adult pekingese. Rescue groups who foster dogs become well acquainted with all of their issues. They will be honest with you about any problem the dog might have. So you will know exactly what you're getting, up front.

Exremely High Maintenance- Care must be taken to keep the face of your Pekingese clean. Discharge from their eyes accumulates in the fur and can cause serious problems... On top of this, their dense fur is very high maintenance and requires regular professional grooming. Between grooming, daily brushing can become a very tedious but necessary task to keep your dog from becoming matted. Daily brushing will also help to remove loose fur. This breed is also a heavy shedder...

Heavy Shedding- Shedding occurs all year long with Pekes. Get use to the idea of daily vacuuming. Loose hair can build up quickly and seem to take over your entire household... Where you eat, where you sleep, what you wear and where you entertain. Owning a peke could quickly start feeling like a second job.

Not recommended for homes with small children- Pekes are strong willed and can be down-right intolerant. Take the well-being of the dog and the child into consideration before making a commitment to own this breed while your children are still small. Older well-behaved children do well with older well-behaved Pekes, and vice versa.

Behavioral and Health Issues- As the demand for this breed increases, so too does the number of puppy mills producing them. Puppy mills breed dogs for profit only and pay no regard to the health or temperament of the resulting puppies. They are more likely to have poor dispositions, behavioral issues and many have severe health problems. Learn how to avoid puppy mill puppies by reading our FAQ page.

Temperature Sensitivity- Pekingese are another of the breeds with extreme hot and cold sensitivity. We say extreme because overheating a Peke could quickly lead to death. Do not leave this breed waiting in your car any time of year.

-Pekingese Health Issues-

The pekingese is prone to a whole host of health problems due to their body structure and the unnatural pushed-in shape of their facial features. Buying a puppy from a pet shop will, more than likely, only compound the risk. Most pet stores buy their dogs from puppy mills and puppy brokers. Don't let them tell you otherwise. Puppy mills are horrible places where dogs are treated as breeders and kept in barns and in cages for their entire lives. Most of the time the dogs are sick and so are the puppies. Read our FAQ page to learn more about puppy mills and how you can avoid them.

A pekingese is prone to so many health issues that we decided to leave it at this... If you plan to own a peke, there is pretty strong potential that, at some point, they will need medical care. Many peke owners say their dog is well worth it, but below are a few of the most common that you should be aware of anyway...

Stenoic nares-Stenotic Nares- A softening of the cartilage in the nasal cavity which makes it hard for a dog to inhale air. This can cause enlarging of the heart and and flattening of the chest. It's miserable for the dog and surgery is the only way of correcting it. Symptoms include; nasal discharge, labored breathing followed by snorting and lethargy due to lack of oxygen.

Pigmentary Keratitis- Is a build up of dark tissue that forms over the eye and grows gradually to potentially cover the entire surface. Vets are now treating the condition with medicinal eye drops. Surgery is also an option in severe cases.

Many Other Eye Conditions- Because their eyes sort of pop out and are so far off to the sides of their face, they can easily injure them. Any scratch or injury of the eye can result in ulcers. Hereditary problems with their eyes include Retinal Atrophy and Bilateral Cataracts. Under tearing or Dry Eye, as you might imagine, will cause a great deal of discomfort every time he blinks. Entropion, another painful condition, is an inward folding of the eye lid- causes eyelashes to constantly rub against the eyeball.

Hip Dysplasia is a developmental subluxation of the hip joints which can eventually lead to arthritis and/or lameness. According to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, an astonishing 61.7% of pugs will be affected by this joint disease. It's causes are genetic as well as environmental. A secondary concern is osteoarthritis.

It's a proven fact that a Pekingese will benefit from the use of Pet Steps. Pet steps can significantly reduce the wear and tear on joints and can even prevent the early onset of Hip Dysplasia, Patellar Luxation and Legg-Calvé-Perthes Syndrome, among other things. Please consider them if you own or plan to own a pekingese.

Luxating patellas- A painful joint condition in which kneecaps pop in and out of place. This is very painful for your dog and expensive to correct.

Kidney Stones- Obviously painful, Pekes seem to be at the disadvantage of being predisposed to painful bladder and kidney stones. Fresh water should always be available to your dog and can help prevent minerals from forming.

Cataracts, Ear Infections, allergies Skin allergiesand other skin problems are also common ailments of the Pekingese.

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