Art For Licensing

My artwork has been licensed for use on a variety of products, including jigsaw puzzles, music boxes, note cards, art tiles, planners, digital apps and lots more!

Below is an abbreviated sample of my available pet art for licensing. I'm always happy to modify an existing piece or create a new piece uniquely suited to your needs.

Thanks for taking time to look!

Colorful Animal Artwork - Available for Licensing

A Ruff Life

poodle painting with lots of bright colors- A Day in the Life

Autumn Comes Early

autumn comes early to the westies in this painting with trees and water animals


A dog in a hat painting with lots of bright colors- Accessorizing

Autumn Blessings


Bah Humbug


Boston's 1st Christmas

Boston Saves Christmas- A puppy in a ceramic sleigh dog art with Christmas tree, stockings and reindeer

Cardinal Moose and Chickadee


Christmas Surprise

kitten looks amazed at Christmas cookies

Buster's Biscuits

busters biscuits - a small girl makes dog treats in kitchen
Crafty- Painting of Schnauzer dogs sitting on plaid chair with knitting, quits and yarn

Catching Snowflakes


Warm Wishes- Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
This painting is available with or without text and was created with several other dog breeds.

dog painting art for licensing - a cavalier sits on a beach for Christmas vacation

Cookies for Santa

Dog art- Christmas painting available for licensing

Country Yorkie

dog art - A Yorkie wears a halloween costume in a country setting with apples

City Walk

a corgi dog walks a brick path through a park near the city. a turquoise bicycle carrying tulips parked beside

Finally Fall- This painting is available with several other dog breeds

Finally Fall painting of poodles in rusty truck gathering supplies and decorations for autumn

Fashion Show

Fashion Show - painting of pigs playing in dresses that hang from a clothes line.

Feeding Frenzy

Australian Shepherd puppies watch chickens feed and a cow munches on grass while a little mouse looks for scraps

Feeding the Ducks

A child feeds the ducks while wire fox terriers try to steal the show and the tiny row boat

First Fall

lab puppies in a fall painting. The dogs enjoy a fall afternoon of bird watching under a tree with red and orange leaves

Fishin Mission

fishin mission painting of kittens in shallow pond with fish, birds and even a skunk

Cups 4 Pups

lemonade stand- sweet painting of little girl selling lemonade with her puppy to benefit the local animal shelter.
a yorkie dog with spooky light and tall trees home to owls in purple moonlight for autumn
a westie in witch costume dog art painting

Scary Boston Terrier- available with many other breeds

french bulldog sits on steps in painting for autumn, great for flags, gift bags and much more

Gazing in Wonderment

Painting of a lab puppy gazing into a snowglobe. Dog art with lots of detail and bright colors

Mom's Miniatures- also available with poodle


Pawsitive Bichon- Available with many other breeds

pawsitive bichon painting for Christmas, shown on garden flag stand for an example of potential use. would also be great as a gift bag, a repeating pattern for gift wrap or an adorable Christmas card

Gift Shoppe

Yorkshire Terrier pet art for licensing. a dog sits in front of a souvenir gift shoppe with a coastal vibe

Happy Campers

Happy Campers bulldog painting with firepit, hippie van and brightly colored camping gear near the water and trees

Home Tweet Home

Darling Spring pet art with chihuahua resting on window planter full of red begonias, a birdhouse with noisy bird and shabby green shutter

Jake- portrait

a portraint oriented version of Jake as he sits among fallen autumn leaves


a horizontal version Jake, a black german shepherd as he sits among fallen autumn leaves

Patriotic Josie

a small white dog with patriotic USA colors and decorations including pillow and flowers

Repeating pattern with kittens for Christmas with aqua plaid stripes. Created for wrapping paper or fabric

repeating Christmas pattern in aqua with kittens, perfect for wrapping paper, fabric or any printed material

Repeating pattern with kittens for Christmas with yellow background. Created for wrapping paper or fabric

a repeating pattern for Christmas with kittens against yellow background with cookies and ribbons

Christmas Cookie Suprise with Westie

A west highland terrier overlooks a plate of christmas cookies against a background of bokeh Christmas lights and letter to Santa

Flying Lessons

A black scottish terrier in a witch costume and pointy boots offers free flying lessons on her broom

Let's Play

Sports dogs with yorkie and puppies posing with a wide array of athletic gear including golf balls, football, pom poms and more

Faux Fur-ever with miniature pinscher. Also available with Chihuahuas with more background

a miniature pinscher (or black and brown point chihauhua) assumes the role of advocate for the humane treatment of animals and suggests faux fur only in the dog painting, Faux Fur-ever

Moose Crossing

Great dane dogs embark on a journey through winding roads along a river on their way to a ski resort

Yard Sale

Bichons hold a yard sale, but the puppies are not for sale. This colorful painting has been licensed for use as puzzles, but would also make great note cards, gift bags, paint by number or nearly anything else that calls for colorful dog art!

Payday Cones

Payday cones painting of little girl feeding icecream to her dog in front of candy shop and creamery.

Harvest Time

A small girl collects vegetables from her garden with her dogs. a colorful purple potting shed and matching chicken coup and bird house

Playing Ball

pups for adoption in wagon in front of hydrangeas

Winter Wonderland

3 small dogs are downhill skiing as they pass a smowman and snow covered evergreen trees

Tiny Treasures

tiny treasures are 2 yorkies that relax on a striped red sofa

Scottie and Friends

a scottish terrier in a garden meets and greets a bumble bee, a honey bee, a butterfly and more in this pet painting that is available for licensing

Wish You Were Here


The Artist

a small girl paints portraits of her animals and hangs them on the wall. She paints her cat in a pink chair with pictures of her family and other pets framed on the wall

Tito's tea party

a dog named tito has a tea party with his favorite little girl and teddy bear against a background of pink roses. a bird waits for a crumb and colorful bugs

Yappy Spring Yorkie

Yappy spring without text

Yappy Spring with Text

Yappy Spring, a dog in a duck raincoat waits under yellow umbrella and a bird takes a bath in a puddle

Ruby's Puppuccino

Ruby licks the cream from her puppaccino in the morning against a butterfly suncatcher and bright magenta orchid

Tabby Tea Time

kittens enjoy a tea party on a beautiful spring day

Pumpkin Sunrise

a pumpkin spice sunset behind a dog in this painting with lots of fall staples


western painting with a twist. A WANTED Yorkie with red cowboy boots and spurs

Wish You Were Here

wish you were here is a small dog in coastal setting that would be great for a note card and many other applications

St. Patty's Day Westie

westie saint patricks day painting that would be great as a flag, note card, sign, t shirt and more
a dog and a garden gnome with tulips in mom's garden with other garden decorations like a ceramic mushroom and terracotta pot

Tiger's New Discoveries

a small dog in this painting looks over a fence with a fall scene and farm house. cute dog art would be great for any autumn application

Thinking Outside the Teacup

a Pomeranian in this cute dog art begs you to think outside the teacup... in other words, a dog SHOULD NOT be bred to an unhealthy and non-standard size to fill a demand for pocket-sized dogs by unethical breeders for exorbitant prices. A painting with a message

summer soaker

summer soaker

story time

a small girl reads to her Sheltie or Collie while a cat naps on the footstool and birds and a squirrel stop to listen in

poodle Christmas

christmas poodle

Awesome Aussie


Pink Gingham Puppy

pink gingham puppy

Chocolate Lab Puppy

chocolate lab art for licensing

Happy Thanksgiving Sunset Yorkie

thanksgiving sunset flag

Morning ride

morning ride art for licensing dog painting

Kitten in Pond

welcome to our pad kitten- cat art for licensing

Before Twilight

yorkie art flal- painting for licensing

Wish You Were Here -vertical

coastal dog art for licensing

Orange Tabby in Hydrangeas

kitten art for licensing

Cropped Rooster

rooster art for licensing

If you have interest in one or more of these artworks, please contact me for licensing information.

I'm more than happy to send a sample of the work without the watermark or larger images if desired.

Thanks for your interest!

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

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