by Maria Krug
(Hagerstown MD)

I was on my way back from tbe Post Office in Maryland when I saw a Chihuahua Beagle mix who was sitting on a double yellow line in tbe middle of the road. Tbe heat index was over 100 degrees, and the dog refused to move from the place he was obviously dropped off by his owner; there was a water dish and no food among the corn stalks. I opened my car door, he finally came over, but he would not get in. He struggled to get back to the cornfield to get some shade. I really thought he was going to die that day. I knocked on the farmer's door. He could not catch him, either. I contacted the Humane Society and, initially, they could not find him. Up to this point, I had been directing traffic so the pathetic little thing would not get killed.

The Humane Society did get him several hours later. I was concerned that msybe the dog would not make it. It was a full month before Frankfurter appeared on tbe web site. When I went to the Humane Society to check on him, I learned that someone filled out an application to adopt him, but it fell through. How could you say no to those big brown eyes and sweet disposition? The rest is history! I am a happy pet parent! He doesn't have to beg for love any more. He is unbeluevably intelligent and affectionate!

I cannot imagine life without him!

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