Sam I Am

by katherine

Sam and Annie at tug-o-war play

Sam and Annie at tug-o-war play

Went browsing at Humane Society after sudden death of previous dog.
NOW I know when I first saw Sam he was in a very sad and depressed mood.....laying down with this head resting downward between his outstretched front legs I couldn't see his face. However, I loved his coat colors and asked to pick him up. Boy was I surprised! He had a pug nose and larger eyes than I was used to. Little anxiety re a pug nose since Id never had a dog with one. BUT, FizzGigg (name at the time) saw me and I saw his sweet needful face and we knew we belonged together! Never a day goes by that I don't thank him for coming home with me.....that's been 5 years ago.
Such a faithful little dog. He does at times have an independent flare about him with a bit of "I need some alone time" while laying on the grass in the backyard. Sometimes I actually envy those times.
So intelligent. I think the previous owner had trained him well with simple commands. He even backs up on command! wow!
Got a second dog aged 3 years. She's was an abused but very intelligent mixed smaller retriever I named Annie. Sam was
just laying around, napping too much so I figured maybe a playmate. I couldn't have been more right. Though, both dogs have a BIG streak of alpha in them I won't allow to many confrontations and they seem to know it. I praise, praise, praise each of them. I think they've actually watched and learned a few things from the other. If they are muddy when coming inside, I say "bath, tub" and lo and behold BOTH DOGS head for the bathroom and Sam is the first to jump into the tub with Ann getting a bit more encouragement to jump in. Got a neat sprayer and even though they look quite sad, I think they don't just tolerate the water, but enjoy bath times.

I would most definitely recommend a Griffi to someone needing a good little "protector" who sits on your knees facing the world....he's keeping an eye out for trouble! Doesn't seem to enjoy kissing so much but when he gives little butterfly licks on my legs or hands, I know he's grateful for the love he's found.

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