Service Dog Certification

An emotional support dog is a service dog, too.

Some people absolutely need their dog for emotional support. This service dog certification will help make it possible to bring your dog into almost any public area.

You are protected by federal law. The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) prohibits anyone from questioning you about your specific medical condition. They are also prohibited from asking for medical documentation of your impairment or requiring the dog to demonstrate it's ability to perform the task related to it.

But be prepared. While questions about your medical impairment are off limits, they are allowed to ask what task the dog is trained to do, ("trained to alert with scratching if I have a medical episode", for instance) so be prepared with an answer.

This service dog certification will work for an emotional support dog, too.

If you need your dog for emotional support for any reason, attach this tag to a service dog harness. A service dog harness along with this badge will bolster your claim and help you avoid confrontation.

Emotional support dogs can be absolutely necessary for some people with real medical conditions, like:

  • Phobias
  • Social Anxiety
  • Bipolar Depression
  • Schizophrenia
  • Many Others

Don't allow yourself to become home-bound for any physical or psychological reason. With this badge, you can take your dog into almost any public area more comfortably without fear of harassment.

service dog certification for emotional support service dogs.
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You don't need a doctor's signature to have a service dog.

While you don't need official permission or any certificate to have a service dog, this ID badge tells hotel staff, restaurant staff, airline employees, etc. that your dog is there to perform a service that is medically necessary for you.

Let the badge do the talking.

The QR code on the badge links directly to the ADA website and clearly explains the law prohibiting denial of access to service dogs. This, along with the official look of the badge will help eliminate the possibility that you'll be challenged by anyone on your right to have your dog accompany you into almost any public area.

Use common sense. You won't be able to take your dog into surgery with you and if you don't absolutely need your dog for seeing eye purposes or for a life threatening illness like diabetes or seizures, it's probably a good idea to leave him at home if you're visiting someone in the hospital.

Service Dog Certification - Picture Included Free

Once your purchase is made, you'll receive an email with information on how to submit the photo of your dog.

Any photo will do. The photo can be sent via text or email and will appear on the badge along with your name, the dog's name, emergency contact number and an official registration number.

This service dog certification does not expire.

The service dog certification card also includes a stainless steel carabiner clip that will attach directly to the D-ring on this harness or any other. 

Service Dog Harness
Available in a variety of
Colors and styles.

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Please contact us with any questions or concerns related to anything on this site!

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