Sophie Elaine Smith

by Judy E Smith
(Minneapolis, MN, USA)

Sophie was given to me by a former land lady, she already had 2 Bichon Freise and Sophie was a new born, I got her just before she turned 1.

It was awesome, I had become what I mocked most, a drooling pet owner. I was a member of Toastermaster through my job at the time and I entered a humurous speech contest. The title of my speech was The Acquisition of Sophie, Judy 0 - Pet Lovers 1.

I think I came in third place. I fell in love with Sophie fast and hard, she had a wardrobe better than mine and my daughters and no matter what kind of mood I came home in, Sophie would make me forget all about it.

One day I came in from work and sophie was right there, I had a bad day and soon I saw her, I'm laughing, my daughter Nikki was right there, I didn't even acknowledge her, she was like, ahh, hi mom, I'm here too, it was too funny so a few more times after that I purposely came and only spoke to sohpie, it was halarious. I tell people I had two daughters, one with two lege and one with four.

Sophie passed away just before Christmas 2010, and I still miss her everyday. I didn't think I get another Bichon, but I've recently changed my mind and I'm not trying to replace Sophie, but I will get another Bichon and her name will be Sophie.

P.S. yes sophie had a middle name, mine and my daughter Nikki is Elaine, so of course sophis had to have it too.

My dream is to have two dogs, both rescue and after being on this site, I'm hoping to find my Bichon at a shelter. The other breed I want is a Yorkie, I like small dogs.

Judy Elaine Smith
Minneapolis, MN

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Apr 20, 2013
by: Brooke Faulder

Thanks so much for sharing your story and letting us know that we've inspired you to adopt your next Bichon. Sophie was and is beautiful! Thank you so much for helping to make pet adoption a solution for the growing number of dogs in need of loving homes! If you need help in your search of a Bichon near you in need of rescue, let us know!
Thanks again!

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