Tia and Tux

by Jess

This is Tia

This is Tia

Jess Wrote: Tux and Tia are Blck Labs mixed with Chow! Tux is one of the biggest chickens in the world! he won't even cross the kitchen floor! Tia is my baby! (so is Tux)
When my family first got our dogs we got them both at the same time. Me and my brother automaticly said Tux was his and Tia was mine. Let me tell you, that has changed! My brother is so rough with them and I am gental and I take the time to make sure they are happy when I am petting them! Anyway Tia is a SPAZ! she never stops! she is always moving. The one thing I do not like about my dogs is the shedding. Some advice if you want a non-shedding dog do not get a Labrador Retreiver! Well Tux and Tia are my babies and here are some pics of them!

Brooke @ small-breed-dogs.com wrote: Thanks for the submission Jess!!!

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Dec 23, 2008
by: Jayleigh

How pretty. It's obvious she's spoiled... she even has her own chair! Too cute!

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