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Tinker Tot's Ginger of TriState "Ginger"

by Phillip Willis
(Delano, TN)

Ginger is a Mi-Ki (pronounced Mee-Kee). What is a Mi-Ki you ask?
The Mi-Ki is a sweet tempered dog that acts neither dull nor ill tempered. The Mi-Ki is a devoted companion dog. The intelligence is notable in the Mi-Ki's alert, yet calm, expressive. The Mi-Ki is a small, well balanced dog that is small boned, muscular, with winged or dropped ears and a long flowing coat topped by a full plumbed tail. A good specimen of the breed has dignity and proud head carriage.
Coat: There are two coat types that are expectable, the long cottony or long silky coat. The cottony coat may be slightly wavy, but not curly. The silky/straighter coat is the more desirable coat. The coat covers entire body, hair on the face and muzzle can be long if allowed to grow, most Mi-Kis are groomed to keep the hair short on the head, neck, muzzle and feet. The backs of the legs are feathered all the way down. The Mi-Ki has hair not fur, with no undercoat making it hypoallergenic and non-shedding. The long coat hangs gracefully over the sides of the body and flows with movement of the dog.

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