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If you're thinking of making a Chihuahua a part of your family, first enjoy a few chihuahua pictures that we found while searching for chi's in need of rescue! Yes, that's right, many of the dogs on this page lost their homes, through NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN... and may still be looking. If they are, I've pasted a link to how you can find them.

The second thing you can do is check It's a great place to start the search for a future best friend!

This is Triscuit! Triscuit may still be available for adoption. She was listed as a resident of Van Wert, Ohio animal shelter. She looks way too happy to be locked back up in a pen. We sure hope she found a loving forever home soon after this photo was taken.

How cute is Cha Chi!?! And how cute is that name!? Absolutely love it! He looks like a curious fellow! When Cha Chi's owner died, his family left him at a shelter. Luckily he didn't have to stay there long and soon found his forever-forever home. So happy for you, Cha Chi!
pomchi half chihuahua half pomeranian dog with long coat and big brown eyes

Rescue... for a fraction of the price!

A new trend seems to be mixing two breeds for the purpose of making a third which can be affixed with cutesy names, like pomchi, the cross between a Pomeranian and Chihuahua. We're not knocking it. We're just saying you don't have to pay thousands of dollars for one! 

The shelters are fully of these deserving dogs. Pick one up today and give it your own name. Don't shy away from dogs, like Tiki. She was listed as already housebroken, loved kids and was described as super laid back and not yappy at all. How could you possibly go wrong?

And we're guessing this photo of Tiki does her personality absolutely no justice.

Chances are good that by the time you see this, Tiki has found a home, but check anyway. Myles ahead rescue may still be looking for a home for Tiki.

Click here for more reasons why a mixed breed dog may be the perfect breed for you.

tan and white chihuahua sits at window in a store front wearing a signPhoto by David Carboni

More Chihuahua Pictures Below and
more on the Chihuahua info page too!

white tiny chihuahua teacup puppy walks through grass

How cute is she??? Hensley here is not only available for adoption, she is also vet checked, spayed, started on house training and socialization. You can most definitely still find puppies for adoption through rescue and at shelters.

Great news for Hensley! She has since been adopted. Yay! So happy for you, Hensley!

Check out ma, paws and me on instagram or consider making a donation to help their cause.

It's so nice to know that there are people in the world helping to find forever homes for dogs like Hensley.

scared rescued chihuahuaThis little one was rescued from a puppy mill and given a second chance at life. She didn't have a name when she was rescued. She lived her life in a cage and was used for the purpose of breeding. So thankful to the people who rescued this little girl.

black and white chihuahua puppy looks sad
Black, brown and white tri colored chihuahua with long hairThis dog looks like he's in his happy place! The view is amazing!
brown and white chihuahua with brown liver nose looking up from grass.My name is Charlie, Chuck for short. I enjoy long walks on the beach, dining at sunset, or sunrise, or mid-day (anytime really), sleeping under the covers, sharing your ice cream and cuddling, of course. (We had you at long walks on the beach, didn't we?).

When I built this site... I did so to promote rescue as my main objective. Along the way, I made it my second mission to be as thorough as possible on the breed pages, like the Chihuahua page, to help you make the most informed decision.

Check it out! While you're there you may find answers to many other Chihuahua questions. Possibly questions you never even thought to ask

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